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Hi everyone here is my weekly recap,

Maybe some of you have heard, here in California we are currently experiencing a devastating wildfire in Napa, Sonoma and the surrounding areas.

Sunday, during the night I woke up smelling smoke. I stumbled around trying to find the source until I stuck my face out the window and realized the smell came from outside. It was in the middle of the night, nothing seemed off, except the smell. So I decided to close the windows and went back to bed.

Now, I’m in San Francisco, miles away from the wildfires. In the morning I saw on the news that there were multiple wildfires that broke out just north of us. As evidence the air was full of smoke, so much so that my windowsill and furniture was covered in ash.

Following the news,

it was horrifying to see what some people went through. There was no alert or time to vacate, many families were entirely surprised and tried to flee by foot or survive by finding refuge in pools. The pictures coming out of Napa and Sonoma were soul shattering.

Many people from the Bay Area are trying to get somewhere with better air quality, to the beach or just out of reach from the burning smell. I’m staying mostly indoors and not opening my windows. All in all, my life barely changed – nothing compared to everyone that lost family members or their livelihood.


A kind of different annoyance that doesn’t seem to end:

I’m trying to fix my WordPress reader issues. Since I’m a self hosted blog, WP reader is not my friend. After reading my friends Sophie’s article about her successfully conquering WP reader, I thought I could make it work as well, but it seems, somethings are just not meant to be. I finally relented and found someone that has the expertise to help, but even he couldn’t’ make the reader work, now I decide to go a different route .

Now here comes my question: how many of you are self-hosted? And how many of you are trying to increase traffic and visibility outside of the wordpress community? Any success so far? I would love to compare notes, just to see what works and what doesn’t.


Now let’s get to some book related stuff….

I had the most amazing weekend.

Some of you might have already read my newsletter, but if not I need to gush over the book signing event I went to last Saturday. It was beyond awesome!!!

4 hours of non-stop talking, fan-girling, and standing in line.

I’m going to my last book signing event of the year in just a couple weeks. And I already was told that it will be even crazier than last Saturday. That’s hard to imagine and it scares me a bit just to think about.

Anyhow, I had the pleasure of meeting two of my unicorn authors, Sara Ney and RK Lilley. Both authors meant a great deal to me and meeting them in person was an unforgettable experience.

On top of it being a wonderful experience, I brought so many books home last Saturday – that some are looking for new homes.

We will continue running biweekly signed paperback giveaways with swag, until the end of the year. Winner’s choice!!!

I also used my brand-new rolling cart, which was a life safer, and the BEST purchase I ever made. At the end of the day it was filled to the brim and heavy as hell.

My trusty OwlCrate box was filled with swag treasure, and every single book arrived safe and sound after a 7  hour drive home.

I’m excited for the next event but also more aware of how exhausting these book signings really are.

Dear  NetGalley,

you were BORING this week.

I only added ONE book to my NetGalley shelf – Hooking UP by Helena Hunting. Maybe I shouldn’t complain since it was a good thing I didn’t add more because I didn’t review anything either. ;-(

Now, here we have something new to write about.

Just alone the books I brought home from the signing would give me fodder for the next few weeks. On top of those a few ARCs arrived on my kindle:

The Outpost (Jamison Valley #4) byDevney Perry

Which I’m super excited about. I also was chosen as one of the bookstagramers that will receive a gorgeous paperback – which I can’t wait to get my hands on!!!

Drive byKate Stewart

This Rock Star Romance was as emotionally grabbing as expected. A triangle story that packed a punch without shattering my heart.

Bountiful (True North #4) by Sarina Bowen

Her True North series is one of my favorite series by Sarina Bowen, her farmers in Vermont are like catnip for me. I can’t withstand their allure. 😀 All brawny, broody, and hard working!!! Delicious!!


The following books were all Kindle Unlimited finds:

Muscle Memory by Stylo Fantome

Straight (Straight #1) by Seth King

Daddy Dearest by Isabella Starling

Girl Crush by Stephie Walls



Forget You, Ethan

Forget You, Ethan
by Whitney G.
Release Date: October 30



Release Date: October 31

Thank you so much for coming by!!

I appreciate every single one of you and I’m looking forward to next week.


A HUGE thank you to The Sunday Post at Caffeinated Book Reviewer for creating this meme.


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I’m a blogger, photographer, and unapologetic book addict. I love strong female characters, major jerks, and Happily Ever Afters.

36 thoughts on “Weekly Recap – Nightmarish times

  1. I’m so sad it did not work for you Corina! Even if an expert can’t help you I don’t know who can…On the other hand I’m glad that you are sound and safe with all the fires going on in Cali. Take care!!!

  2. Oh wow Corina! I’m glad you are safe, and I hope those fires will be out soon, so everyone can get a breather.

    Book signings are exhausting, but so much fun! Isn’t RK Lilley the cutest ever? It’s great that you had such a good time, and that you’ll get to do it again soon.

    Your new books look great. Enjoy them.

    Have a wonderful week ahead and happy reading.

    1. Hi Lexxie, I’ve never been this close to a wildfire before. It’s so devastating to read about the stories coming out of Sonoma and Napa.

      RK Lilley was the cutest, her husband as well, and they got me drinking shots on empty stomach – yay!!! 😀

      Have a great Sunday and happy reading!!

  3. Sorry about the smoke. I hope nothing worse will happen and no families have to be evacuated or move out of their homes. It would be so devastating. Anyway, I’m a self-hosted and having the same problem, Corina. My problem has tried to fix it but no success so far. I will contact my server to help solve the problem. I have followers on WordPress so it would be devastating if this keeps continuing. I’m still trying to find as much info. I’ll let you know when I get any.

    Have a wonderful week and happy reading you two. Enjoy your books. 😁❤️

    1. Geybie, I saw you commented on Sophie’s blog so I had the feeling we were in the same boat – sigh!!! It’s such a pain in the neck. What’s your issue? Are you on the reader but your posts don’t show? I’m apparently on it, but I looks like I haven’t updated since January – which is such nonsense. But whoever follows me must get my blogposts because people visit, so that must count for something right?

      Have a great Sunday and happy reading!!!

        1. I hate that they don’t allow all wordpress blogs to be part of the reader- we are one community, they should include us as well. 🙁

          1. I think the problem is on our blogs. There might be a glitch when we install WP. I’m still trying to find out what exactly it is. I didn’t have the problem before I changed the domain and I’ve been self hosting since December (when I started blogging) so the problem must be not about self-hosting. I’m currently contacting the server and waiting for their answer.

  4. It’s really scary what’s going on there. The ironic thing is that on the other side of the world, where I am living, we are suffering from flooding this year. If only it could disperse! None of us would be having these problems 🙁
    Oh yes, the WP reader. I sort of cover my eyes and don’t even look that way, cause it’s so annoying. I don’t know what counts as success… I have my WP followers and some Bloglovin’ followers, although less of those, cause I don’t hang around Bloglovin’ myself.
    Meanwhile I am happy that NetGalley was boring this week! I didn’t request anything and that makes me glad, cause my ARC stack is just completely out of control (I founded the ARCs Anonymous group, after all…) So I’m glad I didn’t request anything 😀
    Anyway, have a great week 🙂

    1. Evelina, you are so right!! Why can’t it be disbursed where it’s needed? The extremes are so dangerous.

      Are you self-hosted Evelina? I don’t understand why it has to be so hard for us to be visible. At the end we are all wordpress and they should make it easy on us to connect. But no, it’s a major pain in the ASS!!!

      I need to check out your ARC’s Anonymous group 😀 It sounds right up my alley.

      Have a great Sunday and happy reading!!!

      1. Yup, I’m self-hosted. Oh well 🙂 I suppose it makes sense because most businesses are self-hosted, so they didn’t want businesses to easily make it into the organic stream, I guess? And check out the ARC group for sure, I’ve already cut down 1 ARC this month, but one of our members is going to do 4! Which is a big dent in the TBR, really 🙂

  5. Oh the fires in California look so devastating! Its heartbreaking to watch. I hope the weather cooperates this week and the fire fighters are able to get some contained.
    Now I am off to check out your top 10 authors on KU!! I am always looking for more great KU finds!

    1. We are hoping for rain, or at least for the wind to slow down. I think by now, anything that would keep the fire contained would be great.

      I’m the same – I love KU and I can’t wait to find new authors on it. I really could use a 5 star review, or even better a new favorite author. October has been a slow month, and I need a handful of new authors to adore.

      Let me know if our KU list was helpful. 😀

  6. So glad you are safe. I use Bloglovin and Feedly to follow blogs, bummer about the WordPress Reader. I avoid NetGalley unless I am looking for a specific release. I have Prime and enjoy free books that way, but KU and I don’t get along. LOL Hope you have a safe, wonderful week.

    1. lol – tell my why KU and you are not getting along.:D I always forget that Prime also offers free books to their members. Do you get great authors that way? I might have to look into Feedly. 😀 And staying off NetGalley is a great strategy.

  7. I can’t wait to get my hands on Promise Not to Tell…for some reason, I didn’t get approval for it from NetGalley. So…waiting for the release date.

    The Hate U Give is another one on my list.

    I’m curious about Daddy Dearest, too.

    I hope you enjoy all of your books…and that those wildfires are snuffed out soon!

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    1. I can only recommend The Hate U Give – it was phenomenal and even made me laugh. Daddy Dearest sounds soooooooo naughty – it’s sitting on mu kindle and taunting me.
      It took ages for me to be approved for Promise not to Tell – honestly at the end it surprise the heck out of me, I already checked it off as a denial.

      You’re welcome!! And I’m looking forward to next Sunday.

  8. In Sacramento we don’t smell the smoke anymore, so I hope the air is clear for you. I love going to book signings but we rarely have any here, so I’m used to the long drive to get to one. I haven’t had any luck with Netgalley lately. Nothing appeals to me which is good for my TBR list lol. I hope you have a good week!

  9. The news from the wildfires is so heartbreaking. Sorry to hear that you’re being affected as well. We had bad one here last year (in FL) and while I was in no immediate danger the air quality was horrible. Me and my inhaler got reacquainted during that time.

    So great that the book signing was such a success! And I totally agree – rolling carts are total life savers. Tote bags are for the birds. 🙂

    I need to download Bountiful. Sarina Bowen is pure magic.

  10. Those fires are horrific and your experience is just a sobering reminder of how far the effects can be felt:(. Thoughts and prayers go to everyone affected. Himself is a HUGE fan of Kindle Unlimited and finds a steady stream of good authors there… Have a great week and I hope the fires are soon extinguished.

  11. I’m supposed to be running a half-marathon in wine country October 28th. I have no idea if it will still go on, but I can’t imagine it will with all the smoke! I was in Central California this weekend and the smoke from the fires in wine country was awful. We are getting some of the smoke down here in Southern California as well. It’s terrible for all the people who’ve lost so much!

    I’m looking forward to The Outpost after seeing it today on another blog. Never heard of it or the author, but the phrase “I can’t put it down” always grabs my attention.

    We’re not on WordPress so I have no helpful advice. Blogger has had issues, too. :/

    Have a great week and happy reading! 🙂

    1. So far they have canceled most sports events at least for schools and cities. The air is still pretty bad in some locations, and they just might want to be on the safe side and reschedule the event.

      You should definitely give Devney Perry of Outpost a try. Her books have been compared to Kristen Ashley if you ever read anything by her. 😉

  12. Wow, that is absolutely terrible about the fires. I’m glad to hear you’re safe at least.

    I’m self-hosted, but I don’t think I’ve ever had an issue with the WP reader? I mean, there are people following me via email and others following me via WordPress . com, and I’m assuming the wp . com is the reader? Are you hooked up with Jetpack and have a Jetpack account? As for increasing traffic, I can’t say I do much other than I try to reach out and visit other blogs, and I post links on social media when I feel up to it lol.

    That’s awesome that you had such a great bookish week and got to meet some of your fave authors even!

    1. Kristen, can you see your blog on the WordPress Reader? If I check mine it says I haven’t updated since January. 🙁 That’s mostly what drives me nuts. I do have jetpack account and it’s activated.

  13. It’s terrible what’s been happening with the fires, I can’t believe some of the news stories I’ve seen. Glad you’re not in the direct line of fire, but it would still be scary to be that close and smell the smoke…

    Glad you had a good book event. Those can be so fun. 🙂


  14. First off, loving all your bookish photos!! Soo pretty!! I try to take book photos and they look so horrible haha!! Secondly, the news is very devastating. It’s so heartbreaking to hear about those fires and families losing everything. It’s so gut wrenching :(( I pray for your safety and all the others in the affected areas 🙁

    1. And they still haven’t gotten it under controll. Apparently we now have one right across the Golden Gate Bridge. And we are starting to get worried that the sparks could get carried across the water into Presidio. San Francisco is mainly build from wood. Think about that nightmare. Wish us luck!!!

  15. Hey lovely. First thing I want to say is your photography is beautiful! Nothing better than pictures of books, such a book work myself! And secondly I’m so sorry to hear such sad news! Absolutely awful and I am glad you are safe x x x x

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! I think the fire is getting under control, but it was scary on more than one occasion. It’s so sad that these events happen more and more lately. Have a great day, I’ll be checking out your blog this weekend. xoxo

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