Weekly Recap – Naughty or Nice!

Weekly Recap – Naughty or Nice!


Weekly Recap – Naughty or Nice!


One more week and 2017 is history.

I still have a few more days left to work, actually one and a half days next week and then I’m free to get started on my holiday break tbr – which is if I’m honest, maybe a little too optimistic. BUT I’m planning on writing a post at the end of my break and I will compare lists. Because I can already see myself going rogue.


This week has been rather boring, which is a good thing. I’ll take boring over drama any day. So let’s not jinx it. Like I said, next week Wednesday I’ll be done and can get started with all things reading. I also will be doing some photography on my days off, at least I hope so, I still haven’t been downtown to capture the festive decor. I hope it’s still there after Christmas.


It’s the time of year…

When everyone is merry, stressed out and hopefully on Santa’s good site.

I wish everyone wonderful holidays, (if you celebrate) a Merry Christmas, Frohe Weihnachten, and if possible a relaxing time with family and friends.

It’s been quite a rollercoaster this year. And I’m pretty excited about 2018, but first we’ll end 2017 with a BOOM!!!


Blog News


We officially concluded our very first annual Holiday Book Bash. We were amazed by the participation from authors and everyone that took a chance on us. Honestly, it was a humbling but also exciting 22 days. And we’ll be back next year for sure .

We are also gearing up for our Bests of 2017 Blog Hop on December 28th. It will be our last hurrah of 2017. I’m pretty stocked that our organizer Sophie brought so many fantastic bloggers together for this last endeavor. It’s our second hop organized by fellow bloggers, and I’m incredibly grateful to be part of this amazing community.


NetGalley News


I’m working on my NetGalley shelf, which is good, but I also requested a new book which puts me on the naughty list.

My naughty pick:


Relay (Changing Lanes #1)


I read Single Malt (Agents Irish and Whiskey, #1) by Layla Reyne and was very impressed by her writing. When I saw that she had a book on NetGalley I couldn’t keep my finger from clicking. The blurb actually sold me. Captain of the US Men’s Swim Team finds out his new team mate is his ex-lover. Imagine the sexual tension – yikes!!! And I absolutely  love books about Olympic athletes. So all in all an excellent combination.





This week on the blog …


Top Ten Books I Hope Santa Brings

Sinful Empire (Mount Trilogy, #3) – Meghan March

Team Player: A Sports Romance Anthology

The Billionaire Beast (Billionaire Fairy Tales #2) by Jackie Ashenden

SWEET LIFE – Nina Lane

One of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus

Roomies by Christina Lauren

Down by Contact (The Barons #2) – Santino Hassell


Weekly Recap – Naughty or Nice!

Books I need to review …




My Kindle Unlimited shelf


I think it’s not news that I love KU. Unfortunately KU is not available internationally which is just ridiculous. And I understand that AMAZON is being AMAZON, squeezing authors left and right – but from a readers perspective, which pretty much is the only perspective I have – I love the idea and execution of such a membership.

It allows me to borrow books from new authors, and many popular authors I always wanted to try and replace it with something better if it doesn’t work out for me – all without feeling guilty. And if it takes me an eternity to get to a book, than that’s how it is.

Here are my current 10 KU books and if you check the date, the oldest has been borrowed since May 28, 2017 which is also quite ridiculous. I’ve noticed that I’m afraid of replacing some of the books I haven’t read yet, in case they are not on KU anymore next time I try to borrow them – again ridiculous!!!

Weekly Recap – Holidays are coming

A Portrait of Pain (Seraph Black Book 4)A Portrait of Pain

(Seraph Black Book 4)
by Jane Washington
December 20, 2017

Love on the Highlight Reel (Connecticut Kings Book 2)

Love on the Highlight Reel

(Connecticut Kings Book 2)
by Christina C Jones 
December 20, 2017

Always: A Legacy Novel (Cross + Catherine Book 1)

Always: A Legacy Novel

(Cross + Catherine Book 1)
by Bethany-Kris
December 18, 2017






The Mafia And His Angel: Part 1 (Tainted Hearts)

The Mafia And His Angel: Part 1

(Tainted Hearts)
by Lylah James 
December 18, 2017

Try (Temptation Series Book 1)


(Temptation Series Book 1)
by Ella Frank 
 December 5, 2017

The Substitute (The Bro Series Book 1)

The Substitute

(The Bro Series Book 1)
by Xavier Neal 
November 27, 2017






Wicked Ugly Bad (A Kinda Fairy Tale Book 1)

Wicked Ugly Bad

(A Kinda Fairy Tale Book 1)
by Cassandra Gannon 
September 16, 2017

Stay (Bleeding Stars Book 5)


(Bleeding Stars Book 5)
by A.L. Jackson
 August 6, 2017

Calling the Change (Sky Raiders Book 2)

Calling the Change

(Sky Raiders Book 2)
by Michelle Diener (author)

July 17, 2017






A Strange Hymn (The Bargainer Book 2)

A Strange Hymn

(The Bargainer Book 2)
by Laura Thalassa 

May 28, 2017


Thank you so much for reading my weekly recap!!

I appreciate every single one of you and I’m looking forward to next week.


A HUGE thank you to The Sunday Post at Caffeinated Book Reviewer , Stacking The Shelves by Team Tynga’s Reviews, and Mailbox Monday.


Weekly Recap – Naughty or Nice!


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14 thoughts on “Weekly Recap – Naughty or Nice!

    1. Merry Christmas Evelina!!!!! Happy reading and a wonderful 2018! The possibilities are endless and with an ever growing tbr. 😉

    1. Yay!!! Merry Christmas and happy reading! I have to sit down and write my review ASAP!!! I really loved the enemy to lover romance in Beautiful Lawman – it was right up my alley.

  1. I hope you r break is relaxing and you get through your TBR. I had subscribe to KU for over a year, but I found I was not reading ANY of my own books, so I quit, however, I really did enjoy it, read a ton, and discovered a lot of great new-to-me authors.

    1. It does add to my tbr – no questions asked. But I still like the opportunity to just borrow new authors and books just to see if I like them. There might be a time when I’ll take a break again. But so far I’m really enjoying it.

  2. Merry Christmas and enjoy your break- hope it’s filled with relaxation and lots of good reading! Nice review of One Of Us IS Lying too. I also liked that one.

    Have a super week!

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