Weekly Recap – August 11th

This is what happened on and of the blog ….

Weekly Recap – August 11th


Weekly Recap

How are you doing and what’s going on in your neck of the woods?

I’ve had three easy weeks since the last recap. One week of vacation and two weeks of minimal work since my employer is out of town – yay!!! Monday will be my first full day, and all I can say is that I’ll be missing my easy days. It’s not surprising that I had lot’s of time for reading and bookstagram.

Because of that my GR challenge is looking GOOD!!

132 books completed
12 books ahead of schedule


132/200 (66%)

I was pretty good keeping to my vacation tbr and it looks like my August tbr is manageable as well, especially the ARCs but also all the new releases. August is a slow month for me, not too many MUST READ books on my schedule. Unfortunately I also added quite a few books from authors that I could potentially meet at the SF signing at the end of the month. So, as always, my tbr is overflowing – but that’s nothing new.


My August tbr!


Books on my kindle that I want to read this month:



Audiobooks that are on my overdrive app:


NetGalley News

I’m working slowly but gradually on my NetGalley shelf. These three are on my immediate reading shelf, and I’m excited to read each one.



Recommended books …

(Links are imbedded)

The Simple Wild - K.A. Tucker Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox - Forthright The Chase - Elle Kennedy

Books I bought recently …


My book stacks are growing if I want it or not!! Here are the books I recently bought, when I eventually get to them is questionable, but I’ll try my best.

Weekly Recap – August 11th

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Best books of July 2018


Thank you so much for reading my weekly recap!!

I appreciate every single one of you and I’m looking forward to next time.


Weekly Recap – August 11th


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6 thoughts on “Weekly Recap – August 11th

    1. Jesus… I keep clicking on enter instead of the back button. I’m so sorry. I am not getting used to my new keyboard. The Simple Wild might be a new favorite. I am so happy that Tracey Garvis Graces is coming out with a new book! I had no idea and I am definitely ordering it. Sustained is an amazing romance that involves a lot of adorable children, I hope you get to it because it’s one of my favorites! I’m probably also going to read Robbie and Julien if I am motivated this month so I am all caught up for Priest. I hope you enjoy your reading month.

      1. I LOVED SUSTAINED!!! I’ve read it a couple times but never owned the paperback. I can’t compare The Simple Wild yet with any of her other books but I’m not sure if it can be topped. 🙂 It was just so amazing!!

    2. I’m so glad to hear you like it so far!! It really sucked me in and I loved how much it spoke to me. I’ll be definitely checking out her other books as well.

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