Book Review – Turbulence by Whitney G.

Wow, what a great book.

I personally just loved the plot.  Flight attendant meets hot pilot.  Of course drama ensues.  Emotions are getting entangled.  And steamy encounters kept me flipping pages.

Ok, the pilot theme is not new but this take on was refreshingly captivating.  It was quite unique and it even had a touch of the forbidden which made the storyline even more interesting to me.

I loved how sarcastic Jake was.  Although he was a little bit assholy, demanding and emotionally damaged I enjoyed his character immensely.  Especially since he couldn’t help himself from being pulled further into Gillian’s orbit.  And Gillian couldn’t help herself either.  She tried multiple times, but she wasn’t prepared for Jake’s bossy side and the sexual attraction that sizzled between them.  I really enjoyed their illicit escapades at the airports.  So very delicious.

The writing was superb.  I inhaled the book and was over the top ecstatic to find out the author wrote an epilogue available on her homepage.  I can’t wait to read the authors next book.

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