Tournament of Losers by Megan Derr

Megan Derr is a new to me author, this is only my second book by her, but also my second book by her in 24 hours. I’m experiencing a kind of reading slump lately. I DNFed a lot of KU books, and audiobooks this week.

Tournament of Losers

by Megan Derr


ebook, 229 pages
Published February 10th 2016

Tournament of Losers – Megan Derr

Tournament of Losers – Megan Derr



Megan Derr is a new to me author. This is only my second book by her, but also my second book by her in 24 hours.
I’m going through a kind of reading slump. I DNFed a lot of KU books, and audiobooks this week. It’s easy to see that I’m looking for something different and can’t find it. That’s why yesterday I did a little bit of research and found this very interesting site LITERATURE – MAP. It allows you to search for any author, and in return it gives you authors that are similar in writing. While I was searching for all kinds of authors, Megan Derr popped up. And when I browsed her GR account, this book was on the very top.


The style, story and overall feel reminded me of the Brother Grimm stories I adored when I was young. Especially the quest part. It had the feel of a fairytale.

So, the most important part of this review is that this story is DIFFERENT!!

Tournament of Losers has a unique plot, wonderful endearing characters, a fantastic quest, and the writing was right up my alley. I really enjoyed everything about this novel. And it satisfied my search for something different in every way.

I loved the part of the unwilling participant in a major tournament, the guy who doesn’t want to win, but all stars align and there is just nothing he can do about it. And Rath was a really great guy. Smart, hard-working, kind – he was a wonderful hero, although a rather unorthodox one too. It was a sweet story, well written, with a great but also simple plot. Nothing too elaborated or complex, just a captivating story that got me out of my reading slump.

The M/M part was not explicit at all. It could have been a F/M couple and it wouldn’t have made much of a difference. It was just a really good story, and the sex of the couple was secondary to the plot. The cast was wonderfully diverse without making it obvious. Again, the story was the gem here, not the sex or race of the characters.

I loved how it all came about. I loved the feel of the book, and how it made me feel while I read it. There is no doubt in my mind that I’ll remember this novel for a long time. Like Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox the book was refreshingly different.


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Tournament of Losers – Megan Derr


Tournament of Losers - Megan DerrAll Rath wants is a quiet, peaceful life. Unfortunately, his father brings him too much trouble—and too many debts to pay—for that to ever be possible. When the local crime lord drags Rath out of bed and tells him he has three days to pay his father’s latest debt, Rath doesn’t know what to do. There’s no way to come up with so much money in so little time.

Then a friend poses an idea just ridiculous enough to work: enter the Tournament of Losers, where every seventy-five years, peasants compete for the chance to marry into the noble and royal houses. All competitors are given a stipend to live on for the duration of the tournament—funds enough to cover his father’s debt.

All he has to do is win the first few rounds, collect his stipend, and then it’s back to trying to live a quiet life…



Megan is a long time resident of m/m fiction, and keeps herself busy reading, writing, and publishing it. She is often accused of fluff and nonsense. When she’s not involved in writing, she likes to cook, harass her cats, or watch movies (especially all things James Bond). She loves to hear from readers, and can be found all around the internet.




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Tournament of Losers – Megan Derr

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