Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly NOT Want To Read A Book






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This week’s theme is:

Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly NOT Want To Read A Book 



Let’s get straight to it….



Triangles drive me nuts. I think a regular relationship is already hard enough why would I want to add another person to the drama. And even so it’s fiction I still don’t want to read about it. 😀





Another thing that drives me nuts! I do NOT touch a book that ends in a cliffy. I rather wait until the second book or third book is released before I read any books with cliffhangers. The waiting alone would give me a headache and often I’ve already forgotten what it was all about when the next book is released – NOPE!!




Authors that have disappointed in the past!

That’s just the bitter truth. Once burned twice shy – that’s pretty much me. There are soooo many authors out there, every day a new author releases their debut novel, I don’t need to aggravate over authors that have already turned out to be a disappointment.





I stay away from heartache. I’m not a big crier anyway so those tear-jerkers are not the right books for me in any case. But if I find out a book has an ugly cry ending – I’m passing that one full throttle. On to something more uplifting.





I like the entertaining kind of drama – the LOL, over-the-top drama that comes with chuckling and captivates until the end. The drama just for drama’s sake is not for me. I don’t like drama in my own everyday life, I’m not going to read about it in books.

But I do have a few authors that special in that kind of drama and if I’m in the mood – but ONLY then – I might give it a spin. 😀




If the author is a BITCH!!

And yes unfortunately those are out there as well. Enough said!




Hyped Books

Interestingly enough I’m apparently often a minority when it comes to hyped about books. For me they are often blah instead of YAY!!! So again, I have been disappointed before, nowadays I’ll wait and see. Maybe I’ll read it if it’s free or available through the library system, at least then I don’t have to feel bad DNFing.




If the blurb SUCKS!!!

It’s amazing how some blurbs work their magic, and others are just blah. That’s maybe not an issue with a trusted author, but with unknown authors if the blurb doesn’t catch my interest I’m passing it. I don’t have enough time as it is to read the books I love, wasting time on a book that doesn’t grab me immediately and that means if the blurb isn’t telling me I would be missing out – I’ll rather do something else with my time.





I think genre is a major swaying point. At the moment I read mostly contemporary, some UF, some M/M, YA, NA, PNR. I realized I have lost interest in dystopian, BDSM, and overly sexual books like 50 Shades wannabes. And I also realized  don’t read much outside of the box anymore. I like what I read, I enjoy it, it makes me HAPPY! So there is no reason to try something else, but I’m never not interested in a great recommendation. Some of my most favorite gems have been books I might not have read otherwise. 😀




Pet Peeves

Pet peeves – we all have them. Mine are not that many but I do have some.


whiny females

plot that makes no sense

dumb decisions

50 Shades

If I find out any of those might be found in a book, I gladly pass it on. 😀

Happy Tuesday!!

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11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly NOT Want To Read A Book

  1. I think I tried to read 50 shades two or three times… never got beyond page 30 or 40. And Heartache too! I hate it when all my GR friends are raving about these kinds of books, then I add them and find out they are tear-jerkers. “A Thousand Boy’s Kisses” is my fastest un-add to date. I read an amazing review stating it was the next best things after pepperoni on pizza, I added it, then read a couple other more spoilerish reviews, and un-added.

    1. Did the same with A Thousand Boy’s Kisses – couldn’t believe the raving especially since it had such an ending. I break out in hives if I find out books are tear-jerkers.
      So glad I found a fellow 50 Shades DNFer;-)

      1. It’s the same with me. When I finished “Full Tilt” I was a complete mess because I wasn’t expecting it. I just saw it on Netgalley, remembered reading some spoiler-free review about how great it was, and didn’t think twice before requesting it. I ended up loving it, but it also took with it a piece of my soul. I’m not up for this emotional trauma.

        1. That’s why I like reading spoilers they prevent heartbreak like that. I read Me Before You and felt like you did with Full Tilt. I cried ugly tears, will never recommend it but I also will never forget how it made me feel. 😀

            1. You are so brave!! After the book, I’m not touching that movie with a ten foot pole. Not for all the tissues in the world.;-)

  2. I hate cliffhangers, too, especially if the next books haven’t had publication dates. I’ve read some books that I’ve fallen head over heels in love with that the next books have never come out. It’s been 3 years!!! I’ve been waiting for that LONG. SO disappointing. 😞

    I loved Fifty and the ones that follow his step.. 😋 Guilty pleasure! 😜

    Anyway, awesome list, Corina. 😁👍🏻❤️

  3. Funny thing is, I watched that movie when I was already in a blue mood. I thought to myself: “It cannot get worse than what I’m already feeling” and ooooh, was I ever wrong.

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