TOP TEN romance book authors on Kindle Unlimited

TOP TEN romance book authors on Kindle Unlimited


Top Ten Kindle Unlimited Authors that are a MUST READ


I’m excited to finally present you with a list of AMAZING authors that are CURRENTLY on KINDLE UNLIMITED.

I have been a KU member for an entire year now and I’m LOVING it!!! TJ, has been with KU for three years already, and clearly knew from the very beginning that KU was the way to go.

What I love most about KINDLE UNLIMITED is the freedom of picking new books/authors to try, and not feel bad if they don’t work out for me. On top of that I was astonished to find out how MANY of our favorite ARC’s ended up on KU right after release day. That’s truly amazing.

So here are the authors that we read, loved and would recommend for any NEW Kindle Unlimited user.

And if you ever have any questions about KU, just message us here or on our FB page.

TOP TEN romance book authors on Kindle Unlimited



Sara Ney

I almost flipped out when I saw that Sara’s entire DOUCHEBAG collection was available on KU. I loved and adored this series and can only recommend it to anyone – they are FUN, sweet and feature some of the BEST male characters I’ve read in college romances.


Most of her book collection is on KU and absolutely worthy to take a look.

Here are my reviews for Studying Hours (book 1), Failing Hours (book  2) and Learning Hours (book 3)


Jay McLean

Jay McLean’s books are emotional, raw and heart-breaking and I have read EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!!!!

If you love incredibly spellbinding stories that are as authentic and realistic as life itself – you need to try her out ASAP!!!!

Her entire collection is on KU and her More Than Series is the best way to start.



TOP TEN romance book authors on Kindle Unlimited

L.J Shen

L.J. Shen has been one of my favorite authors every since reading Sparrow – I was blown away by her writing, storytelling and by her amazingly entertaining and HOT alpha jerks. She is an author that is on my VERY SHORT automatic one-click list and a MUST READ AUTHOR!!!

Her entire book collection is on KU and I highly recommend reading her hugely popular Sinners of Saint as well as my beloved Sparrow.



Amy Daws

Amy Daws is a brand-new author to me. I just recently (this last weekend actually) met her at a book signing and she was the epitome if approachable and fun.

Of course I ended up buying her book KEEPER and can’t wait to get started. Soccer players are a weakness of mine.

Her entire Harris Brothers series is on KU.



TOP TEN romance book authors on Kindle Unlimited


Rachel Van Dyken

RVD is an author that writes diverse and catchy stories. I’m currently reading FRATERNIZE and loving it and I was ecstatic to find out that her entire Players Game series is available on KU including her upcoming second book INTERACTION.

The author has many of her books on KU, including popular duets like…




Penny Reid

Penny Reid is famous for her unique characters, laugh out loud moments and captivating stories – but for me she’ll always be the woman who created CLETUS, and color me amazed to find the ENTIRE Winston Brothers series on KU as well as her Rugby series with author L.H. Cosway.


My review for CLETUS ♡♡♡♡♡ can be found here. 

And The Cad and the Co-Ed here.




R.S. Grey

OMG!!!!! R.S. Grey wrote one of my all time favorite NA books SCORING WILDER!!! I adore this book and read it annually and whenever I’m in a reading slump. Seeing ALL OF HER BOOKS on KU made me one happy camper!!!! She has so many wonderfully sweet sport romances, as well as second chance NA books that should be on everyone’s reading list.

Her upcoming novel THE FORTUNATE ONES will be available on KU on release day – November 1st 2017.


Alessandra Torre

Alessandra Torre is another one of my favorite authors that is incredibly versatile while writing unique and different stories, that captivate, enthrall and leave me wanting more.

I was astonished to find most of my favorite books like Love in Lingerie, Love, Chloe and Hollywood Dirt as well her most twisted and hugely popular book Black Lies available on KU. Even her latest release THE GHOST WRITER is already on KU.



TOP TEN romance book authors on Kindle Unlimited


Emma Scott

Emma Scott is a HUGE favorite of TJ’s. I believe she read ALL OF THEM and LOVED them. Ready your tissue boxes because Emma is famous for emotionally wrecking novels that stay with you FOREVER!!!

Her ENTIRE book collection is available on KU – which is a HUGE deal!! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.


A. Zavarelli

A. Zavarelli is one of TJ’s favorite authors and after reading GHOST (Boston Underworld Book 3) I’m not surprised. Her hugely popular Boston Underworld series has been on my TBR pile for a long time – unfortunately RL and my ARC schedule has not been cooperative – which has to change ASAP!!! Especially since the entire series is on KU.






If you want to try out Kindle Unlimited we have a link for you.

If you are interested in signing up the first month is for free. And I honestly have to say, the authors and books that can be found on KU are AMAZING!! If you follow our blog you’ll see ARC reviews that will go straight to KU and we are updating our KU links regularly with new offerings and new favorite books for you to enjoy.

The best thing about KU – you can cancel anytime, and sign up again if your budget and reading time allows it.

There is NO PRESSURE at all!!!

TOP TEN romance book authors on Kindle Unlimited

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4 thoughts on “TOP TEN romance book authors on Kindle Unlimited

  1. *squeals* OMG!! you girls have got to stop posting lol!! My TBR is busting at the seams because of you two lol!!! Absolutely fell in love with RS Grey after reading Scoring Wilder. Wish my library had other books from her. Can’t wait to check out the others on your list <3 Amazing post as usual!

    1. lol – NEVER!!! But I feel you. 😀 I absolutely ADORED Scoring Wilder – must have read it half a dozen times already. Nothing compares – but I enjoyed all her other books as well. Hope to meet her one time to fangirl all over Wilder. 😀 Try to sign up for her ARCs – that’s a great way to get them all. 😀

  2. Honestly, my TBR pile is growing like crazy… and it’s all your fault! I haven’t tried KU yet and after checking your post I’m definitely thinking I’m missing out. I didn’t know that so many amazing authors were on it, I have to say I’m truly impressed that The Ghost Writer is already on KU. :-O

    1. haha – I know what you mean, my tbr is growing by leaps and bounds. I was SHOCKED to see so many of my favorite authors on KU. And brand-new books go straight to KU as well – that’s really amazing. An incredible value for the price.

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