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Let’s give our eyes something to feast on….

Corina's Top Picks

Winston Brothers Series

by Penny Reid




From the very first moment these covers caught my eye. I have NEVER seen covers that used cross-stitching – period. And the way these portraits have been designed – GORGEOUS!!! When I talked to Penny when I saw her in LA she told me that she designed the covers herself – WOWZER! She actually designs all of her covers but still these are my favorite covers by far. 

The cross-stitching is such a simple concept, but eye-catching at the same time. 



Shades of Magic Series

by V.E. Schwab


I adore the colors black, white and red!!

The color scheme is gorgeous, eye catching and very simple in design – and that’s exactly what I love about it. On top of it, it looks to be hand drawn. They honestly drew me in. I wanted to take that cover apart and figure out if there were any hidden meanings in those drawings. The details in the drawings are exceptional. On top of that, those covers are bookstagram porn right there. So easy to make beautiful photos with these covers. 



The Royals Series

by Erin Watt


Look at these amazingly unique covers. Objects instead of people – sign me up for that! I love the pastel colors, not very contrasty, but easy on the eyes. I love how the objects tell the story. The most interesting fact is that the covers are so misleading. 😀 So pretty, and pleasing – not at all like the stories. The novels are all consuming, dramatic, and emotionally wrecking. This series takes you on a roller coaster ride, not at all the feelings you get from looking at these covers. 



Jamison Valley Series

by Devney Perry


These covers speak to my photographer heart. I loved them from the very first moment I laid eyes on. Unique!!! And such a change to the naked chests, and guys that can mostly found on American book covers. I saw them and said – YAY!!! I was drawn to them like crazy. And I was lucky to hold them in my hands, so pretty!!!



Fallen Crest Forever (Fallen Crest High #7)

by Tijan


I still remember how I felt when I saw this cover. OMG!!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I was wowed by the design, the uniqueness, the butterflies. The designer truly went outside the box with this book cover. It’s so very pleasing to look at. One of my favorite covers so far.



Tijuana's Top Picks

Masterpiece Duet Series

by Skye Warren


First and foremost, this series fucking ruined me!  Oh my gah, if you haven’t met Gabriel Miller yet, YOU. ARE. MISSING. OUT!!  And furthermore, you need to rectify that oversight pronto.  Okay, enough about the awesomeness of the book, just take a gander at those covers.  The meaning behind the title and the cover images is integral to the plot of the novel.  I believe that’s why they’re such a draw to me.  The fact that the covers are a part of the story is impressive.



Train Wreck


I remember seeing this cover for the first time on a PR firm’s mailing list.  I messaged my blog partner and said, “I just saw the most amazing cover!” She laughed because she knew I was covered in ARCs and other family obligations, but also knew I was going to request this book.  I admit to having impulse control issues.  But what really stuck out to me, was the fact that I’d never read the author and still planned to read the book regardless if I was approved or not.  Now, I’m no cover whore, but this one just sang to me.  It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  I absolutely loved the story.  “Tattoo Jesus” stole my heart!  And not only that, I was so impressed, I’m currently reading another T. Gephart ARC right now.




by Charleigh Rose


Miss Fix-It

by Emma Hart


I know it doesn’t appear to be true, based on my list of favorite covers, but I typically don’t enjoy females on romance covers. Look, don’t break out the pitch forks and floggers, but it’s a personal preference.  I like sexy men and amazing abs. Sue me!!  I don’t mind admitting it.  But these two covers ooze sex appeal.  Not only that, they’re interesting and aesthetically pleasing.  I love the bold colors of the Miss Fix It colors.  The woman is strong, and sexy while donning masculine apparel.  The juxtaposition of those two things is quite exceptional.  On the other hand, the muted colors and laid back appearance of the Misbehaved is similarly pleasing.  She’s strong, sexy, and completely in charge of her sexuality.  I adore them both!



A Court of Thorns and Roses Series

by Sarah J. Maas


Young Adult and Fantasy novels traditionally have the most beautiful covers, in my humble opinion and ACOTAR covers are among the best. 

The bold color choices of each cover in conjunction with the way our female lead is portrayed is breathtaking.  Not since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, have I been so enamored with a young adult series.  I loved everything about this series.  From the covers to all the words between, these books are utterly breathtaking.  Feyre’s transition is captured on the covers.  She transitions from a beautiful, guarded, shadowed young woman to a fierce warrior.  Each cover progressively shows that transition.  She starts out beautiful dressed and shadowed by black and red to being bold, fierce, and front and center on the cover of book 3.  I don’t know if that as intentional.  But I love how the covers mirror her actual progression in the novel.  Gah!  I can’t wait for the next book in the series.  I’m completely enthralled by these books.



Duke of Manhattan



I don’t typically like to make wide arching statements, because inevitably something changes and I look like a liar, but I honestly LOVE every Louise Bay cover.  The attention to detail and omission of actual facial features does it for me Big Time!  Now, I’m not saying that I dislike covers with faces, I’m merely saying that Ms. Bay’s covers fucking rock.  The Duke is one of my all-time favorite reads and covers.  Seriously, this book is amazingly sexy and fun. It’s 5 Star in every way!



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  1. STOP IT RIGHT NOW!!! These are alllllll amazing!! I love them all!! If I had to choose a favorite it would be……The Winston Brothers series!! No wait, Duke of Manhattan! No, ACOTAR series…AHH! I cannot choose lol!! Love both of your picks!! Also, on Duke of Manhattan she also has others that sound like they go with that book but not sure if it’s a series? I didn’t know what order to read them if I ever got my hands on them, any advice?! Great post!!

    1. I love them all too Jessica!!! The Louise Bay books are all standalone, but I do suggest you read them in order since the stories and characters overlap. King of Wall Street, Park Avenue Prince, then Duke of Manhattan.

      1. I totally enjoyed ACOWAR! It wasn’t my favorite in the series – that will always be ACOMAF – but I thought it was a satisfying conclusion. Full of action and adventure and romance and surprises… definitely enjoyed it.

    1. Ooh any of those covers are GORGEOUS!!! I love the English version of Circe, and the new special edition Six of Crows. I’m lately particular to gold and shiny accents. 😍

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