Top 5 Wednesday – Book Trends You’re Tired Of

Top 5 Wednesday | #T5W is a meme on Goodreads by Sam from ThoughtsOnThomes.

This week’s topic: Book Trends You’re Tired Of

1) The damaged HERO/HEROINE

Oh, please no more overly damaged souls. Instead give me an interestingly flawed, and quirky character. Someone that has a unique demeanor and thought process that makes the person utterly fascinating – AKA Cletus. I want to read about characters that are utterly interesting because they are DIFFERENT, not because they’ve been horribly abused.
2) The love triangle

Which person of sound mind would want to invite the drama that comes along with a love triangle?? I need a bit of truth and reality in my fiction, and I wonder how often a love triangle really occurs.
3) The OTT characters

Why are regular people not interesting anymore? The line between OTT and idiotic is very thin. Why do we need those OTT Possessive Jealous guys?  I crave mature characters, that have faith in their partner. Ask questions before jumping to conclusions.  Characters that balance possessiveness and trust.
4) The generic plot

Take a risk! Now it’s the best time to be creative and try something new and maybe even risky. I want an OMGWTF moment!!!!!!
5) The sequel

Please, don’t drag out the story just for money. I rather have an epilogue than a filler book that is hot air and nothing else. Write something new instead.


I have bonus trends – YAY!!!

6) The billionaire

OMG I’m absolutely DONE with billionaires. Give me a regular hard-working guy anytime.

7) The smart heroine

Where are the smart women? The females that think things through before they act. Give them a brain. How can they all be so SMART and jump to every farfetched conclusion? And please for fucks sake, if someone tells you to stay PUT, stay put. Don’t run after the guy and get shot, kidnapped, or whatever.


I think I’m done!! What about the trends that you are tired of?

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22 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday – Book Trends You’re Tired Of

  1. Great Post 🙂 I agree with all but mostly with the billionaires…it is to the point where the novels are starting to sound the same. Whats worse is when you have a billionaire who is sweet and then out of nowhere he goes all christian grey on his girl! Ugh i just can’t anymore. lol

    1. so true!!!!!! It’s being reused and reused until it all sounds the same. And please – I can live without Grey any time. 😀

  2. Amen, sista! I’m so over billionaires and OTT alphas. The book world is so saturated with them right now!
    I want more geeks, more hackers, more nerds. More weirdos or just plain normal guys, who are allowed to be nervous or feel awkward at times. Who do not have to be IN CONTROL every single moment!!! Okay, rant is over.
    Loved the post, Corina <3

    1. I second the geeks, hackers, and nerds. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ and YES to the normal guys. 😀 – you can rant anytime – I’m right here with you =)

  3. ♥ That’s why I loved “Heart-Shaped Hack”. It was a first for me, to see a hacker H. Also, it’s one of the reasons I read “Flawed” by Tracy Wolff, although it didn’t turn out a great read. The geek-ish part was minimal. ♥
    And really, I need to meet Cletus!!! I don’t know why but I keep forgetting about him when I need to pick up a new book.

    1. LOVED Heart-Shaped Hack – thought it was so good because of it’s uniqueness. I wanted to mention CLETUS earlier but thought it might come across as too pushy – now I’m telling you, you HAVE to read it!! 😀

      1. As of now the list goes: Brody (Room for More), a lil bit more Roarke, Cletus, a couple PNR super-hyped by a Facebook group I’m part of and Mal!!!
        Considering that “This is Reckless” and “Into the Fire” come out on the 28th and that books keep getting added to my TBR I already know this list is going to get more scrambled than eggs on a toast.

        1. lol – I always second Roarke, Cletus and Mal. Loved Mal, he was hilarious. I’m going to check out This is Reckless and Into the Fire, but yes, my tbr pile is getting higher by the day. I’m surprised how well I’m doing with reading my ARC’s. I don’t have much time to reread or read books outside of my blog schedule, but I’m ok with that – for now.:D

          1. This is Reckless is the third instalment in a series called “War & Peace” by Kennedy Fox. The first two books focus on a different couple, so this one can be read as a standalone, but the characters are introduced in the first two. It’s good. I like this author’s style because it’s fast-paced, witty and hot. Not epic, but on the great side of good.

            And Into the Fire… Jeaniene Frost… Vlad… you know my love for this author <3

            1. me stupid!!!!!! of course “Into the Fire” 🙈 🙈 🙈 – I have it on my tbr list, and I did try “This is War, Baby” (War & Peace, #1) – where is my head today????

  4. You’re not the only one, here. I gave you the wrong name of the series.
    “This is Reckless” is not in the “War & Peace” series, it’s in the “Checkmate” series. Different author and completely different genre, lol. The first two books are an Enemies to Lovers romance, but absolutely not of the dark kind.
    All these books are messing with out brains!

  5. YES on the interesting Cletus type heroes! I much prefer a quirky man to a damaged man. (Though I will admit to a few favorites in the ‘damaged’ category.)

    I do love a possessive male character though. That’s one that I think I’ll always prefer. What do you think that says about me? haha

    1. 😳Because we love the authors? Often it’s a guaranteed hit! But if started to wait until both books have been released, before is start reading it. But sometimes I can’t wait!!!! Sigh!;-)

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