Truth about my first three months of blogging!!

What have I learned since I hit that “publish” button on my first post?

I’ve learned that I can only get so far without knowing any CSS, and that is a bit frustrating and it’s nagging me to no end. With the help of Google I was able to skirt around a few of those stumbling blocks at the beginning. But others, that turned out to be more stubborn than expected, will have to wait until I can figure out what to do about it. I might have to live  with it until I have more time to really get into the thick of it. I’ve defiantly learned something new about myself  – I don’t like not knowing how to do things myself. Honestly that shouldn’t have come as a surprise I’m a do-it-myself kinda gal.

I LOVE connecting with fellow bloggers, reviewers, and readers. 

I love connecting with people. If it’s on Instagram or Goodreads. Chatting with people about books is my favorite topic. Not a surprise there either – READING is my number 1 passion. And it has been since I’ve been a teenager. It’s the one hobby in my life that will never grow old or replaced. Reading is my happy place. So, talking about books comes natural. But what I found out in the last three month is that connecting with fellow bloggers is not EASY. As with everything worthwhile it takes time and energy.  Visiting other blogs, connecting with fellow bloggers, commenting and liking here on WordPress, but also on Twitter, Facebook and let’s not forget Goodreads (I think I got them all) takes a huge junk of time out of my day. What makes this even more difficult it that as a newbie many of my comments end up in the spam folder. But that won’t stop me from commenting in the future, because some of my fellow bloggers found my comments just that way.:D

I LOVE the diversity of books.

I think this is one of the most interesting facets of the book blogging community, all genres are represented. I don’t read many books outside of my comfort zone. I’m usually all over the romance fiction spectrum, mostly contemporary but I also read anything from YA to NA, and M/M. I have my favorite fantasy and urban fantasy authors . As well as suspense authors that write outside the romance genre. And I have ONE sci-fi/horror erotica author that I adore! But the best part of this blogging community is seeing all the different books that are being read, praised and recommended. It makes me want to read more diverse books.

What will happen to my blog when I go back to work full time?

This is going to be an interesting issue. And I’m definitely asking myself how I’m going to manage to read, review, post and connect with my readers and fellow bloggers when working full-time. I’ve had it quite easy the last three month. Working part-time and lots of time over the holidays allowed me to post 142 posts in three month. This will change quite drastically in the upcoming weeks. I truly wonder how I will get everything done in much less time.

What’s my goal?

I think like most of my fellow bloggers I want to build my blog to be more than just reviews and promos. I haven’t figured out yet how I’m going to manage that or what it’s going to be, but it’s one of my foremost goals. I also need to find a way to promote my blog in a way that fellow readers will find it in the first place and hopefully find my reviews interesting and helpful. That’s going to be the toughest one of all – I think!

I love new blog THEMES!

And last but not least, I found out I LOVE shopping for blog themes. There are soooo many pretty themes available, and after just three month I’ve already switched to #2. I wonder how long this one will last.:D

I will take a look in another three months just to see how far I’ve come, or maybe if there hasn’t been any progress at all.:D

But either way, I’m happy I pushed the publish button and jumped into a world I knew nothing about. Sometimes a leap of faith is exactly what’s needed.

About corina

I’m a blogger, photographer, and unapologetic book addict. I love strong female characters, major jerks, and Happily Ever Afters.

15 thoughts on “Truth about my first three months of blogging!!

  1. Well Said! I had/have many of the same problems that you do. I only started by blog this past June. It is a slow work in progress. I do a lot of googling myself and still get frustrated. The best thing though? I decided this can’t be rushed. I am a stay at home mom so I do have spare time to devote to learning the wordpress “ropes.” However is is extremely time consuming between figuring out how to successfully maneuver my blog and keep on top of social media. I want to enjoy it so I will go at it with patience. I think my best advice to you and myself is to go at it slowly. Learn one thing at a time and take a lot of notes. 😉

    1. Hi Christine, I loved hearing I’m not the only one feeling that way. I also believe going slow is the solution. The note taking is a great idea!! And it’s supposed to be FUN, so I’m not letting coding or anything else rob me off enjoying it. ;D

  2. LOL! Great post! I actually work full time and blog, and it is incredibly time consuming. My husband calls this my second job, and he’s right. My home time is spent blogging and visiting. The difference is that I love blogging. I find every second enjoyable.

    I did finally break down and buy a theme, rather than use the free theme. I love it so much more. The paid themes are just so much cleaner. (And I taught myself basic CSS, so I can change small things that drive me nuts.)

    1. Hi Birdie, so very true!!! I think the only thing I love more than blogging is reading books.;D And yes, the paid themes are just gorgeous, clean lines, simple designs, and so customizable. Love it!! May I ask how you taught yourself basic CSS? Any tips for a newbie? Could you recommend any particular way of going about it? Thx!!

      1. Google google google, lmao. And then I play with the ‘inspect element’ feature of my browser. Do you have the premium account, that gives you full access?

          1. LOL! When you go to your dashboard, look where it says ‘plan’ on the left side and it should tell you what you use. Or, if you customize your blog’s CSS (in the customize screen, click on the tab that says CSS), then you probably have premium. Feel free to email me and I’ll try to share the little bit of knowledge I’ve accumulated. 🙂

            1. Hi Birdie, under appearances there is a tap for Edit CSS and under settings one that says Insert Code. I couldn’t find one that said plan.:(

          2. Hmmm, actually I think you don’t use the same WordPress I do. So I’m positive that you can edit your CSS so scratch that. But, you can still email me and I’ll try to help.

  3. We all start off like you. You will find your stride and you will stress less about how many posts you can get up. Quality is better than quantity in my opinion. I, like a lot of other book bloggers ended up buying the Ultimate Book Blogger plugin and tweak me theme. So much easier and saves me a heap of time. You do have to be self-hosted though. I have no idea about CSS (blah, blah, blah) I am really bad with stuff like that. You’re doing a great job. Keep enjoying 😀❤

    1. Ok I like the Ultimate Book Blogger plugin and tweak me theme. Tell me more about it;-) I’m glad to hear I might not need to get into CSS after all .:D

      1. Seriously, it’s really easy to use. I was lucky enough to buy it when it was on special. Nose Graze is who you get it from. Follow her and she advertises when she puts it on sale. Not sure if you are, but you have to be self-hosted to buy it though. The person who owns it is really easy to talk to if you have any questions.

  4. Wow Corina.. in three months you have accomplshed more than you thought. I’m a graduate student and just recently just got back to school. Maintaining a blog is not easy but I’m doing my best by focusing on reviews. You’ll find what work best for you. It’ll be ok. Great theme, btw. 🙂

    1. Geybie, you made me smile:D I’m so glad hearing about so many fellow bloggers that manage to maintain a busy blog plus work, studies etc. I’m more and more confident that I’ll be fine. And so very true as someone mentioned today, quality over quantity. 😀

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