This is how my first author signing went….

So, I went to my first author signing event and this is how it was …..


… it was AMAZING!!!


For me the event actually already started on Friday evening, when the lovely Nadine Colling organized a casual meet for anyone interested in getting together. Readers AND authors were in attendance.

That’s where I had the amazing one-time opportunity to talk to J.L. Perry (which I didn’t know beforehand – and which was totally embarrassing). She is HUGE in Australia and apparently well known in the US as well, but dear old ME had NO idea. I had a very interesting conversation with her, especially since I’ve ever only thought of certain aspects from a reviewers/readers perspective.

I also met Aurora Rose Reynolds and her husband. She was the sweetest woman you could imagine. Incredibly approachable and was even up for face-timing a fellow blogger and bestie of mine. I was blown away by her and her husbands generosity.  I can’t put it into words how incredibly amazing it was to meet her.

Going to such an event allowed me to be surrounded by people that were as passionate about reading romance as I was. We exchanged favorite authors and books. I got plenty of recommendations, my tbr list is growing by leaps. It was amazing to find out that some traveled all the way from Florida, NY, Washington, Los Angeles – compared to spoiled me – from San Francisco.

I also finally met a couple Bay Area readers which was AWESOME!! I sometimes feel like I’m the only one, which is such nonsense, but Goodreads can be quite anonymous about where people come from.

What I’ve learned from Saturday’s event…..

  • Next time I’ll bring a rolling cart – NO more schlepping bags, they got heavier throughout the evening – mainly thanks to Aurora Rose Reynolds 
  • I realized I prefer going with a friend. I can be social, but it’s still so much better to have someone to chat and just share such an amazing event with.
  • One signing event was not enough 😀
  • I would love to meet up with some of my GR and FB book friends – meeting in person is so much better.


Here are some pics, which I didn’t do enough of either, that’s also something I need to get better at – chatting up authors and taking more pictures. 😀



A big thank you to the organizer Nadine Colling from Hook Me Up Book Blog , the event was impeccably organized and a rousing success. I can’t even imagine how much work went into such an event. WELL DONE!!!

Book haul post will be coming in the next few days.

And I’m seriously considering the Love N VEGAS event – last weekend of October ’17, and if everything works out maybe the RT Booklovers Convention in 2018 – it’s supposedly going to be in RENO, NV – not that far away from the Bay Area.

Until then I’ll be reading, blogging, reviewing, and chatting with fellow bloggers, and readers – pretty awesome life. 😀

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12 thoughts on “This is how my first author signing went….

  1. I don’t know why I haven’t read this post sooner. I’m so happy for you, Corina… and just a lil bit envious 🙂
    It sounds truly amazing. First thing I’ll do when I’ll move to the US will be to sign up for one of these babies. Meet all the authors and buy all the books! I’ll need a van, not a cart, to transport them all.

  2. I have been to several author events are SO fun and glad you enjoyed! It is so nice to meet more book friends that share the same passion (none of my friends read)! Definitely the cart! I am a troll and make my husband go with me – although I know he really loves all the attention he gets. I am considering going to Love in Vegas as well and possibly Bookish Denver – perhaps we can meet someday! =D

    1. OMG I would love meeting up in Las Vegas 🤗 and I’m going to bring a cart;-) yeah, same here, friends read but not as passionately as I – it’s fantastic to meet people with the same passion.

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