The Sunshine Blogger Award!

The Sunshine Blogger Award


The Sunshine Blogger Award!


The Sunshine Blogger Award

We were tagged for The Sunshine Blogger Award by Jonetta @Blue Mood Cafe. A huge thank you to Jonetta and if you have a minute, please check out her blog. 



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1. What was the inspiration for your blog design?

Tijuana: That’s all Corina, our aesthetic genius! 

Corina: I took some ideas from other blogs, guidelines, and ways we could feature everything we wanted to showcase in a way that is was easy to look for and right there on the front page.


2. Who was the most positive influence in your life and why?

Tijuana: My mom is my inspiration in all things! Despite great medical challenges that caused her to be hospitalized for over a year and having to learn to walk and talk all over as an adult, she has reinvented herself. She’s earned three degrees in the time since her surgeries and never once gave up! If she could face that, I can fave anything. 

Corina: One of my best and oldest friends. I tend to talk events trough with her, decisions with her. Talking with her brings things into perspective. She is my sounding board in every way and I cherish her option above else!

The Sunshine Blogger Award

3. What was the book (or books) that led you to your most favorite genre?

Tijuana: YA Fantasy is hands down The Abhorsen Saga by Garth Nix. It was also one of my first audiobooks.  I’d wanted to reread it, but didn’t have time. So, I grabbed the cds from the local library and Voila! Tim Curry made me fall in love with audiobooks. 

Romance was The Fixed Series by Laurelin Paige. Holy cow, but Hudson Pierce is everything!!

Corina: Oh wow, that’s hard to answer. If I pick sports romance as my favorite genre it would be Scoring Wilder by RS GREY. And Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews certainly has started my love for Urban Fantasy. There were some other authors and books that started my love for romance, or historical romance but that’s been too long ago for me to remember.


4. What authors would you most like to sit down with for a cup of coffee and discuss their writing?

Tijuana: Probably AL Jackson. Her writing is so pretty! Her stories are so emotional. She’s consistently a five star read for me. Plus I think she’d be really cool!

Corina: JK Rowling, Brandon Sanderson, C.S. Pacat, Ilona Andrews (but in all honesty I’m a little afraid of Ilona –  lol), Pierce Brown


5. What are you most proud of so far?

Tijuana: Pride is a sin! I’m thankful for the connections Ive made in this book world. I have met so many wonderful people and gained real life friends through our shared love of books. That makes me happy.

Corina: Proud?? I can’t think of a thing.


6. If you could be transported into any story you’ve read to date, what book would it be and why? (It’s okay to have more than one.)

Tijuana: II’d love to be heroine in LJ Shen’s books. I could go toe with her Alphahole sand come out on top 😈😉

Corina: I’ve tried to answer this question a few times and I always arrive at the same conclusion, all the stories I would love to visit exists in dangerous times, worlds, ages. I would be dead as soon as I arrived just because I wouldn’t know how to survive.

The Sunshine Blogger Award

7. Where do you post your reviews, other than your blog?

Tijuana: Goodreads, Bookbub, Amazon, and Facebook. Every now and then, I post to IG.

Corina: I’m on Goodreads, Book Bub, and now Instagram.


8. Coffee, tea or something else?

Tijuana: Always coffee!

Corina: Hot chocolate in cafe’s, European milk chocolate at home, otherwise water.


9. When did you realize that books would always be important in your life?

Tijuana: When I four years old and cracked open my first weekly reader.

Corina: I must have been 10 or somewhere around that time. I read The Black Stallion in the bathroom, hiding from my mom, instead of doing homework. I remember throwing the book out the window, so she wouldn’t catch me, and then I would retrieve it later on. It was an elaborate and well thought through ruse.


10. What book brought you to tears?

Tijuana: So, so many! I cried for weeks after Emma Scott’s Full Tilt duet.

Corina: Just to come out before I start naming the books, I hate crying so I usually don’t pick books with sad endings.

Me Before You (Me Before You, #1)  by Jojo Moyes

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

Cottonwood  by R. Lee Smith


11. What are two things you’d want people to know about you?

Tijuana: I have no idea.  I’m a pretty open book. What you see is what you get.

Corina: I hate bullshit and ass kissing.



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The Sunshine Blogger Award

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I’m a blogger, photographer, and unapologetic book addict. I love strong female characters, major jerks, and Happily Ever Afters.

4 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award!

  1. Thank you two for accepting the challenge! I fell in love with your blog the moment I found it. Your answers are so consistent with who you always seem to show yourselves to be…genuine and authentic.

    1. Thank you so much for nominating us, it was a true honor. We are pretty consistent, I can predict TJ, and she can predict me – lol. And we are pretty low on drama, both of us. Give me a boring life and I’m content with reading and doing my thing.

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