The Prep and the Punk by Imogene Kash

In this elite school… locked high away in the Colorado mountains… it’s boys only.


The Prep and the Punk

by Imogene Kash

(The Boys Only #1)

Kindle Edition, 201 pages
Published May 3rd 2018

The Prep and the Punk – Imogene Kash


The Prep and the Punk – Imogene Kash



Ok, this story was exactly what I enjoy in a M/M novel: charismatic relationships, hot guys, even hotter sex and a story that keeps me flipping pages.

I also loved the author’s writing style, smart, engaging, and most of all edited – lol. It helped that the story immediately caught my attention. And the insta-attraction/lust didn’t bother me either. It helped that I was intrigued by the storyline.

A boys only “boarding school” for the rich and their naughty off-spring. Not all were naughty but you get my drift. Most boys came from rich backgrounds, and were used to getting their way, and just loved to have fun – in and out of bed.

Apparently the author drew from Gossip Girl, and I can see similarities in the almost non-existing parental supervision and the rich backgrounds. Additionally these boys pretty much did what and whom they wanted. And the teachers and principal played to the tune of one Rutledge “Edge” Alexander Darby IV.

The novel also gave me a Tijan feel, with its typical YA/NA high school drama, less than Tijan but still, very much in the same direction. I’m big fan of anything that reminds me of Tijan, so I’m not complaining here – I’m more like “I WANT MORE”!!

I loved the opposites attract theme. Even though both Bash and Edge came from the same rich background, Bash worked on his Bad Boy persona to get his way, whereas Edge was pretty straight-laced. Bash lost some of his edgyiness throughout the book, and turned into mush every time Edge was around. But I really liked their relationship develop, and I can see how Bash’s softer side was exactly what Edge needed. It was a bit sad that his bleached hair, black nail polish, tattooed and pierced persona was more like a mask he donned, rather than a character trait that went bone deep.

The Prep and the Punk was a perfect read for a Saturday morning, nothing too deep, but sexy, with a good amount of teenage drama, and a bit of OTTness, but still engaging, captivating and just satisfying.

Something that should be mentioned is that the sex scenes were explicit and HOT!!

Nevertheless, I had the BEST of times reading this novel. With 200 pages it was easy, fast and entertaining. A fantastic find, since I had no idea this author existed – thanks Goodreads!

Something that has nothing to do with the review.

This novel was released last year in May, and I just stalked the author and found out that she posted this on February 2nd.

I am sad to say that due to my crazy writing schedule, I will have to put off writing Book 2 for right now…. I will get to it as soon as I can though.I love these boys so much!

At this point I’m not sure we’ll get a sequel anytime soon, which is a bummer. But I’ll keep my eyes open, fingers crossed.

There’s also this issue that the author mentioned twice that Imogene Kash is just a pen-name. She apparently has a full writing schedule (sounds like she is a full-time author) and this pen-name is for her M/M reading ventures. I just wish I knew who the author was, I liked her writing style and could see myself reading her other books too.

I hate secrets – lol.

The Prep and the Punk – Imogene Kash

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The Prep and the Punk – Imogene Kash


The Prep and the Punk - Imogene KashIn this elite school… locked high away in the Colorado mountains… it’s boys only.
He’s a loner.
Sebastian “Bash” Lowell is used to not fitting in or going with the flow.
They call him a punk in the press, so he does his best to live up to the title.
He’s practically a professional outcast at this point, having changed schools so many times he’s lost count.
Bash learned long ago it’s far better to stand out than it is to fit in, so he’s made sure everything about him screams “back-off.” Finding friends is more hassle than it’s worth when he knows he’s going to be gone again at his parents’ next whim.
Bash fought to get into the elite, exclusive, private school to avoid his publicity-hungry parents who use him to fuel gossip and fend off far-reaching rumors.
Having learned a few tricks from his vicious, media-savvy mother, Bash broke a few laws, ruffled the right feathers, and was exiled to Castle Pines. Now he gets to finish his high school career in peace and quiet, and in the same damn place.
All Bash wants is to graduate and get on with his life outside the limelight. No attachments, school only, so he can focus on getting into his dream college.
Nothing prepared him for Rutledge Darby.
He’s a legacy.
Rutledge “Edge” Alexander Darby IV has had everything in his life handed to him on a silver platter.
They call him the preppy-billionaire-heir in the press, although he resists his title at every possible opportunity.
Edge is American royalty, his last name synonymous with wealth and privilege. His family crest adorns the walls of the elite private school he’s attended since before he could walk. Castle Pines is all he’s ever known—a kingdom he’s ruled since birth.
Everyone in his world wants something from him, and Edge isn’t the type to give anything away for free. His life is simple. No attachments, no entanglements, and the only person he trusts to watch his back is his best friend.
For their senior year, they fully plan to do as they please and raise as much hell as possible.
Edge longs for something to surprise him. He’s desperate for the unexpected. He’s ready for something real.
Nothing prepared him for Bash Lowell.

The Prep and the Punk – Imogene Kash


Imogene Kash in an international bestselling romance author who writes across multiple genres. She’s never met a romance category she didn’t like. That includes the exciting and ever-growing world of M/M romance!

She has an obsession with opposites attracting and enemies-to-lovers love stories, which is why so many of her books feature unlikely lovers. For Imogene, those are the best kind of reads and stories to write about.

When she’s not binge-watching Criminal Minds, Snapped, or glued to old episodes of Forensic Files, Imogene takes full advantage of living in the most beautiful state in the U.S. She’ll leave it up to you to guess which one that might be.

Hint: it is full of wonderful, big mountains and is home to more craft beer than any one person can sample in a lifetime.



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The Prep and the Punk – Imogene Kash

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    1. It was a total surprise. Never heard of the author until I found the book on GR. And it’s been out a year 😳 a friend read it and she enjoyed it as well – so why not try it 😉

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