Tarnished Crown (The Royals #3.5) by Erin Watt

Tarnished Crown – Erin Watt

Forgiveness. Hope. Redemption.


Tarnished Crown – Erin Watt


Tarnished Crown

by Erin Watt

(The Royals #3.5)

Kindle Edition, 168 pages
Published December 1st 2018


Tarnished Crown – Erin Watt


Tarnished Crown – Erin Watt




Ever since reading the Royal trilogy I needed to know Gideon and Savannah’s story.

And as expected their story was filled with drama, betrayal, groveling, and teenage angst.

If you like teenage drama, high school drama and break-up stories, this is the right novella for you. I should also mention that the original format was a newsletter serial, so there will be an obvious disconnect between chapters.

Tarnished Crown doesn’t have the flow of a full novel. And it definitely feels like a novella, a little rushed at the end, and it’s missing a deeper character development. It also could have benefited from one or two more chapters about Savannah and Gideon after all the drama. Because the ending felt rushed.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this novella had a lot of teenage drama. The novella switched between past and present trying to give answers to questions readers had since Gideon and Savannah’s former relationship was mentioned in the original trilogy.  And it also tried to give Gideon enough time to grovel for what he did in the past.

High school drama can be pretty annoying, especially if the plot follows every cliche imaginable. BUT, for readers who love these kind of stories, who devour all things YA drama and angst, this novella will be a blast. And the price is unbeatable.

Tarnished Crown is the best example of a guilty pleasure read – lots of YA/NA drama and angst.


Tarnished Crown – Erin Watt


Two years ago, one mistake cost Gideon Royal the girl of his dreams. Since then he’s become jaded and stoic, caught in a spiral that has him dealing with blackmail, heartache and loss. When he left for college, he hoped to start over. But fate has other ideas, placing Savannah Montgomery in his path again.

Savannah believes there’s no coming back from Gideon’s betrayal.

He thinks she’s wrong.

Forgiveness. Hope. Redemption. Gideon has vowed to win back the only girl who owns his heart. And when a Royal makes a promise, he’ll go to the ends of the earth to keep it.

Tarnished Crown - Erin Watt

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Erin Watt is the brainchild of two bestselling authors linked together through their love of great books and an addiction to writing. They share one creative imagination. Their greatest love (after their families and pets, of course)? Coming up with fun–and sometimes crazy–ideas. Their greatest fear? Breaking up.

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Tarnished Crown – Erin Watt

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