Stay Close (For You #1) by Alexa Riley

Stay Close – Alexa Riley


Stay Close – Alexa Riley


Meet the Author:

Hi! We’re New York Times, USA Today & #1 Amazon Best Selling author Alexa Riley

Alexa Riley is two sassy friends who got together and wrote some dirty books. They are both married moms of two who love football, donuts, and obsessed book heroes.

They specialize in insta-love, over-the-top, sweet, and cheesy love stories that don’t take all year to read. If you want something SAFE, short, and always with a happily ever after, then Alexa Riley is for you!



Stay Close – Alexa Riley

Stay Close


(For You #1)


Kindle Edition, 80 pages
Published July 1st 2017

Stay Close – Alexa Riley

Stay Close – Alexa Riley



A former Russian mafia soldier is hired to protect a friend’s young daughter, but he knows he’ll do more than keep her safe–he’ll make her his. Forever.

If she were to simply whisper my name, I would be at her feet, begging to touch what I shouldn’t, taste what doesn’t belong to me, run my hands along the sweet innocence she taunts me with.

Penelope Justice is eighteen, old enough to graduate high school but—according to her parents—not old enough to live without 24/7 security. Practice has made her an expert at ditching her bodyguards. One look at Ivan and she never wants to run again.

I’ve been hired to protect her.

I can’t help but think that perhaps someone should have protected her from me.

Ivan steals the breath right out of her lungs, something no boy has ever done. Then again, he’s far from a boy. This man, this man who looks like he could kill someone with the flick of a wrist, is everything. He is her future.

I can’t let her go and I won’t give her up. I’ve done bad things in my life, and I don’t deserve her. But I can’t do the honorable thing.

I’ve never been noble, and I’m not starting now.


Stay Close – Alexa Riley



Wow! I didn’t see this coming. Ivan and Penelope are so flipping sweet and too stinking cute!

When you read the dynamic duo of OTT insta-everything you know what to expect, right? Hot and steamy with a side of insta-love and a smidge of alpha bad-ass behavior. You get most of that in Stay Close, but Ivan is broken, lonely, and so sweet. I adore his character!

Here’s the breakdown:

Paige and Captain hire Ivan as a bodyguard for their 18 year old daughter Penelope. Penelope is bubbly, caring, and a genuine sweetheart. She’s the opposite of her twin and parents. Her bubbly personality and caring demeanor instantly attracts everyone around her, including Ivan.

What I enjoyed:

Well that cat’s already out of the bag. Ivan’s character was the winner for me. His backstory and personal struggle endeared him to me.

I also liked Penelope’s character. Her relationship with her sister and parents is really sweet. I loved the way she reacted to Ivan and wanted to make him happy. It totally fit her character.

I had one small little snafu with the timeline of events. I just couldn’t wrap my head around Paige having 18 year old twins. It’s totally me, but there you go.

Overall, this super quick and super sweet story is sure to hit the spot with fans of A.R. I’d definitely recommend it.


ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review.

Stay Close – Alexa Riley

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