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I’m finally going to start my spotlight series of most read authors, and according to Amazon, Ellen O’Connell is on spot 24 with 10 books, sharing the spot with R. Lee Smith, Sandra Brown and Linda Castillo – which will be featured next.


Spotlight – Ellen O’Connell

Ellen O’Connell

Western  |  Historical Romance


How can I adequately praise Ellen O’Connell without sounding like a lunatic?????

I read my very first Ellen O’Connell book in July 31, 2010. As I’ve done before, there are times I binge read a certain genre. And whenever I read an Ellen O’Connell book I’m left bereft and have the biggest book hangover ever. She pulls me in completely and afterwards I’m sort of unable to get back to contemporary romance. Her male characters are incredibly swoony in a gritty and realistically historical way. For me Ellen O’Connell is the QUEEN of western romance. I compare any other western novel to her stories, and they all fall short. Her books are unique, incredibly captivating and can’t be compared with anyone else’s.

These four novels are my favorites out of her six full length novels – I read them again and again.

Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold,

is my most favorite book of all of her titles. It’s an unusual and gritty story, complex with an amazingly layered plot. Extremely well written and plotted, the love story between the main characters is pure gold. The author has a way of bringing  two people together that make the best out of their dire situation in an entirely genuine and lovable way.  The story is a low burn romance and delivers everything I love about a historical western novel. Imperfect characters that work together to make a better life.


Dancing on Coals

is centered on a captive and her Native Indian captor. She struggles mightily with him and shouts and stomps her way into his heart. The entire story is incredibly touching. These two very different cultures clash over language barriers and cultural acceptance. The novel centers mostly on the main characters, while they try to survive, and fight for freedom which is becoming more elusive with each year. It reminded me of The Last of the Mohicans – and has a very special spot in my heart.


Beautiful Bad Man,

has the best example of a bad boy in historical times. In this story a gunman for hire and a widow finding a way to work together. A typical marriage of convenience that slowly grows and turns into more than either could have hoped for. They marry to hold a parcel of land she inherited, which a big landowner is trying to force her to give up. Good thinking on her part – she married someone that gives a hoot about other people. Sneaky, cold-blotted and smart, he dishes out what most peoples nightmares are made of, and I couldn’t have loved him for it any more than I already did. I must say, that the heroes way of thinking and his gutsy way of finding solutions for problems makes this book a favorite of mine. I just love a bad guy that does whatever he wants.


Without Words,

as the title suggests, the heroine looses her voice and is forced to accompany a bounty-hunter on his hunts. Again, a very unique and unusual pairing. Ellen O’Connell signature move is to pair the most unique and wonderfully imperfect characters I’ve ever read. In this slow burn romance, a very strong heroine, and a protective but not overly overwhelming alpha find their way to each. The author gives the couple time to get to know each other, to trust and depend on each other without all the drama and misunderstandings that I find so annoying. On top of that they authors incredibly well written plot and dialogues leave me wanting more.

Unfortunately for me, she hasn’t written anything new in years which is a pity. She is one of my rare auto-buy author and I would drop everything and anything to read a new book by her.

Most of her books are on Kindle Unlimited, so if you have KU, and you love western romance pick her up – she is worth your time!


I would call her one of my UNICORN AUTHORS!!!

About the Author:

Ellen O’Connell lives in Douglas County, Colorado, with a motley crew of Rottweilers and Rottweiler mixes. She was active in Rottweiler rescue work for almost ten years, first on her own, then on the Board of Directors of Rottie Aid ( At the present time, her rescue work is limited to transporting dogs for Rottie Aid, but she expects there will be other foster dogs in her future. Before becoming so heavily involved with dogs and rescue work, Ellen raised, trained, and showed National Champion Morgan horses for over twenty years as Serendipity Morgans. She still keeps a Morgan mare, Serendipity B Wichin, although she now concentrates on rally, carting, and drafting competition with her dogs. She is currently working on “Rottweiler Railroad,” a second novel in her Rottweiler mystery series. Her website is


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Spotlight – Ellen O’Connell

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