Signed Paperback GIVEAWAY by Aurora Rose Reynolds

It all began when I met the lovely Aurora Rose Reynolds at an authors event in San Francisco.


On Friday, the evening before the signing, I was meeting attendees and everyone else that wanted to eat a bite or just meet and chat at the restaurant next to the hotel lobby. I was chatting and had an amazing time when a couple set down close to me.

To my chagrin I had NO IDEA who they were.

I started chatting with the husband and he told me that I was sitting opposite Aurora Rose Reynolds!!!! – OMG

Good thing I didn’t know what to say because I still felt pretty dumb A) not knowing who she was and B) not realizing that I read books of hers. – YIKES!!

But Aurora Rose Reynolds was so gracious, awesome, and sweet as can be – a real southern Lady.  We chatted some more and when they realized I was a blogger (which is embarrassing because I only have 6 month under my belt) they asked me if I would be interested in a giveaway. Of course I said YES!!!

My best blogger buddy Tijuana from TJ Loves Books only recently told me what a HUGE fan she was and I planned on having a few books signed for her, but unfortunately Amazon had trouble restocking ARR books in time for the event.

When I told them that TJ was such a huge fan, and sitting across from her would be a dream come true, her husband said “FaceTime her” – WHAT???????

I couldn’t believe it. I immediately texted TJ – her response was “OMG –  my hair isn’t done.” I gave her a few minutes and lo and behold they FaceTimed.

This was such an eye opening moment for me.  Authors so willing to connect with their fans. Being approachable and just genuinely open to readers. I was AMAZED!!

So, after chatting awhile ARR told me to say hi and visit their booth on Saturday and she would handle everything else– AND YES SHE DID!!!

I still can’t believe how generous and gracious she was.  I was AMAZED, FLOORED, and FLATTERED to have received such a response.

So, today’s giveaway is going to be for Until July (Until Her- Book 1) and Until June (Until Her Book2).

Both paperbacks are signed with love by the author and are waiting to be shipped out to two lucky winners. One paperback each.


To participate just hop over to my Facebook page and enter there.

This giveaway is just the BEGINNING!!!

Next week Tijuana from TJ Loves Books is giving away Until Ashlyn (Until Her Book 3) and the first in the newest series Until Jax (Until Him Book 1).

The week after, we’re giving away THREE ebook copies of Aurora Rose Reynolds upcoming release – Until Sage (Until Him Book 2) coming out on May 9th 2017.


Stay TUNED!!! This month is going to ROCK!

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4 thoughts on “Signed Paperback GIVEAWAY by Aurora Rose Reynolds

    1. Thanks Susan – it was such an amazing evening – it pretty much blew my mind. Yes please, go and check her books out, she believes in HEA 😀

    1. Cheryl, go for it!!! Try your luck.;-) we are having a giveaway for two more books coming up Ashlyn and Jax, and a week later three eBooks for her latest Until Sage. You never know.;-)

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