Rules of Redemption by T.A. White

No one believes in them. But soon no one will forget them.


Rules of Redemption

by T.A. White

(The Firebird Chronicles, #1)

Kindle Edition, 370 pages
Published March 7th 2019

Rules of Redemption – T.A. White


Rules of Redemption – T.A. White


WOWZER!!! I’m officially HOOKED!!

Rules of Redemption was my first book by this author – another addition to my NEW AUTHORS OF 2019 list – and it won’t be my last.

I had to put it down at 1am in the morning. With 50% more to go there was no way I could have finished it anytime soon. I had a hard time putting it down, I was literally glued to the pages – that’s how good it was!

One of my proven ways of not experiencing books slumps and funks is reading different genres. I haven’t had a slump in a long time and all because of mixing things up. And reading a science fiction novel with a dash of romance helps the cause. And most of all, I found a new author to stalk.

Now back to the book:

By now you must know I rarely read a book that doesn’t have some kind of romance in it, unless it’s non-fiction. So, Rules of Redemption certainly fits into the category of slow burn, but it doesn’t feel like it because the story is so fascinating. There is so much going on and with a kick-ass heroine like Kira it never gets boring.

Kira is strong, smart, and likes to be left alone.

Which of course is the opposite of what’s happening. The story arc is complex, fascinating and unfortunately not done yet – lol. The book didn’t end with a cliffhanger, but the frustration of not being able to read the next book is REAL!!! I was destroyed when I found out that the next book isn’t being released until late 2019/early 2020.

But, on the other hand I found a book/series that I’m passionate about, something that is sometimes missing with my regular romance books. So, yeah, I’m definitely hooked!!

It also helps that the big, bad alien is yummylicious and their attraction towards each other kept my romance addicted heart very happy!! And it doesn’t hurt that he staked his claim. He is keeping her, if she likes it or not. Honestly I can’t wait to read more – and I just hope the year goes by fast – lol!! I need the next book STAT!

The writing is superb, and the banter between Kira and her AI drone Jin a highlight. Jin just adds to the overall enjoyment of the book, smart, and a personality that is the opposite of Kira’s no-nonsense demeanor, those two are a fantastic duo.

I must admit science fiction romances are my new obsession, and Rules of Redemption fits right into this category. I’m on a quest of finding more – because this stuff is addicting.

Rules of Redemption – T.A. White

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Rules of Redemption – T.A. White


Rules of Redemption - T.A. WhiteKira Forrest is a survivor. She’s risen above the pain of her beginnings to become a war hero only to leave it all behind in the pursuit of a simple life. Now a salvager, she makes a living sifting through the wreckage of dead alien ships from a war that nearly brought humanity to its knees.

After her ship takes damage, she’s forced to re-route to a space station where her past and present collide with dangerous consequences.

Kira’s existence holds the key to a faltering peace treaty with the Tuann—a technologically advanced alien race who dislikes and distrusts all humans. Winning her freedom should be easy, but a powerful and relentless Tuann warrior stands in her way. Deceiving him seems impossible, especially when he strays dangerously close to secrets she struggles to hide.

Can Kira reconcile the pain of her past with the possibilities of her future? The fate of two races depends on her success.


Writing is my first love. Even before I could read or put coherent sentences down on paper, I would beg the older kids to team up with me for the purpose of crafting ghost stories to share with our friends. This first writing partnership came to a tragic end when my coauthor decided to quit a day later, and I threw my cookies at her head. Today, I stick with solo writing, telling the stories that would otherwise keep me up at night.

Most days (and nights) are spent feeding my tea addiction while defending the computer keyboard from my feline companion, Loki, who would like to try her paw at typing.


Rules of Redemption – T.A. White




Rules of Redemption – T.A. White

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