Royally Endowed (Royally #3) by Emma Chase

Royally Endowed – Emma Chase


Royally Endowed – Emma Chase

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Meet the Author:

By day, Emma Chase is a devoted wife and mother who resides in a small town in New Jersey. By night she is a keyboard crusader, toiling away the hours to bring her colorful characters and their endless antics to life. She has a long standing love/hate relationship with caffeine.

Emma is an avid reader. Before her children were born she was known to consume whole books in a single day. Writing has also always been a passion and with the 2013 release of her debut romantic comedy, Tangled, the ability to now call herself an author is nothing less than a dream come true.

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Royally Endowed

by Emma Chase

(Royally #3)

ebook, 275 pages
Published August 14th 2017

Royally Endowed – Emma Chase

Royally Endowed – Emma Chase



Logan St. James is a smoldering, sexy beast. Sure, he can be a little broody at times—but Ellie Hammond’s willing to overlook that. Because, have you seen him??

Sexy. As. Hell.

And Ellie’s perky enough for both of them.

For years, she’s had a crush on the intense, gorgeous royal security guard—but she doesn’t think he ever saw her, not really.

To Logan, Ellie was just part of the job—a relative of the royal family he’d sworn to protect. Now, at 22 years old and fresh out of college, she’s determined to put aside her X-rated dreams of pat-downs and pillow talk, and find a real life happily ever after.

The Queen of Wessco encourages Ellie to follow in her sister’s footsteps and settle down with a prince of her own. Or a duke, a marquis…a viscount would also do nicely.

But in the pursuit of a fairy tale ending, Ellie learns that the sweetest crushes can be the hardest to let go.
Logan St. James grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, in a family on the wrong side of the law. But these days, he covers his tattoos and scars with a respectable suit. He’s handsome, loyal, brave, skilled with his hands and…other body parts.

Any woman would be proud to call him hers.

But there’s only one woman he wants.

For years he’s watched over her, protected her, held her hair back when she was sick, taught her how to throw a punch, and spot a liar.

He dreams of her. Would lay down his life for her.

But beautiful Ellie Hammond’s off-limits.

Everybody knows the bodyguard rules: Never lose focus, never let them out of your sight, and never, ever fall in love.


Royally Endowed – Emma Chase



Emma Chase does it again!

Royally Endowed is the perfect mix of emotional, sweet, sexy, and laugh out loud funny. In a word – Perfect! My dear sweet Logan St. James gives Prince Henry a run for his money in the BBF Category!! This is one my new TOP faves!

Who doesn’t love a sexy, well-built, man in a suit, with a sexy accent?

No one raised their hands for that one, right? Sexy, dressed in a suit, and accent to boot! Sign me up for that ALL day everyday!

All that yumminess rolled up in one is the perfect description for Logan St. James. It’s no wonder I swooned throughout the book. Oh, and did I mention he’s a bad-ass bodyguard who’s willing to do whatever to take care of his charges? Thinking about that just made me swoon again!

Okay, here’s the breakdown:

If you’ve read the previous books in the series, you’ve met Ellie and Logan. They figure prominently in book one where Prince Nicholas falls for Ellie’s sister, Olivia. Following Olivia and Nick’s departure from New York, Logan and a team of bodyguards stay behind in New York to help Ellie with the bakery and protect her from others who would try to take advantage of her proximity to the royals. During that time, Logan remains professional but Ellie’s attraction and flirtations make a definite impression.

Here’s what I loved: This book is EVERYTHING!

I love being surprised and taken aback by a storyline or character development. I got that and so much more in this one. Money, flash, and fame take a back seat in this installment and the focus is firmly on the character and relationship development. The story spans several years and the reader is treated to an inside view of Logan and Elllie’s relationship. We see both characters grow and come into their own and learn Logan’s backstory. We see Ellie’s successes and slip ups as she matures. It was a true journey and I loved every minute.

The secondary character storylines focused on previous main couples. Prince Nicholas and Olivia grow their family. Prince Henry gets his happily ever and wedding of his dreams. There’s also a glimpse of Franny, one of my favorite secondary characters. All in all, a superbly brilliant wrap up of several storylines occurs over the course of the novel.

Ellie and Logan are so great together. The ups and downs are so genuine. Everything about their relationship is brilliantly rendered. Not to mention, the writing is the best yet. It the perfect combination of laugh out funny, beyond sexy love scenes, and a smile through your tears denouement. To say I’m impressed is an understatement – I loved everything about this one, even the slow burn.

Overall, I give this all the stars. Emma Chase is amazing and this series gets better with each new release! Logan and Ellie’s love story stands the test of time. It’s slow burn and forbidden romance at its finest! A truly impressive and enjoyable read! If you love romance, you have to read this series.


Royally Endowed – Emma Chase




How can it be that this series is getting better and better with each book??????

Without any doubt Royally Endowed (Royally #3) by Emma Chase was my FAVORITE of all. Let there be no doubt that I loved and enjoyed them all, but Royally Endowed was the most beautiful love-story penned by Emma Chase yet.

I absolutely adored the slow build up between Logan and Ellie, it gave their love story believability and depth that would have otherwise been not achieved. Their relationship evolved over years, and grew into a deeply affecting and emotional storyline. SWOON!!

Emma Chase’s signature wit and immaculate writing made this book an outstanding performance. Her characters are truly multidimensional, flawed and wonderfully authentic, as well as utterly fascinating and ridiculously easy to fall in love with. But none other were as down-to earth and relatable as Logan and Ellie.

The author didn’t rush their relationship which I can only applaud. Some stories just need the slow burn and a wonderfully satisfying storyline to feel as completed and well rounded as Royally Endowed felt to me.

There was NOTHING in this book I would have changed.

Royally Endowed had all the hallmark signs of a Emma Chase novel, it was tender, funny and passionate. Two people falling in love with a delightful easiness that felt utterly RIGHT. Logan and Ellie clearly belonged to each other. I never had any doubt and my smile spoke volumes while reading this book.

This book made me ridiculously HAPPY.

Logan and Ellie sank their hooks so deeply into my heart there was no going back. I was blown away by the authors skill and mastery to deliver a book that made my heart go boom boom. For me, all three books in this series have been unique, fresh, and entirely different, which is a feast on its own. But Royally Endowed was a class on its own. It was everything I could have hoped for and so much more!!!

You’ll fall in love with Logan and Ellie.

And OMG the epilogue was as beautiful as it gets. ABSOLUTELY stunning. I hope she’ll continue writing about the Wesscos, there are so many more stories just waiting to be told. Wink, wink!!:D


Royally Endowed – Emma Chase


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    1. Bree this series is all kinds of cute, sweet and sexy. I didn’t love book 1 as much as I did 2 and 3 – so keep on reading. 😀

  1. Emma Chase is the queen of male POVs! 👑 👑 👑 Loving this series! 💝 #currentread is #RoyallyMatched 💕

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