Book Review – Right (Wrong #2) by Jana Aston

So, I must say, Right topped Wrong.

Let’s just be honest and say up front Everly is NOT a character for everyone.  But she was the RIGTH one for me.

  1. Love you, Everly!

Everly is my new favorite character.  I’ve always loved the more eccentric characters.  Anyone that stepped out of the regular cookie-cutter pattern.  I prefer out-of-the-box thinking, unique behavior and habits, pretty much anything that makes a character stand out from the crowd.  Everly was such a character.  I loved how confident she was, going after someone that clearly didn’t want her, took guts and a dash of delusion.  Sure, she showed full-blown stalker tendencies at some points, but she was also hilarious and endearing.  The scene when she and Chloe had a stalking lair set up in the attic was genius.  That showed early on dedication.  But all of if fit her character and made her so much more interesting.

  1. Swoony Sawyer


Wow, he really wooed the heck out of Everly.  Stella and Steve – FOREVER.  I really fell in love with Sawyer.  I wish every guy would know how to Pinterest stalk.  He was ingenious, devious, smart, and very much in love with Everly.  A pretty perfect match for her actually.  He gave as good as he got, and that was not an easy feat.  I adored how he understood Everly from the very first meeting.  Not only that, but he was also attracted to her craziness, assertiveness, and passion for life.  And I think he was the only one that really managed to surprise her.  They were a true match.

  • Chloe, my dear!!

Everly and Chloe were just like two peas in a pod.  I adored the funny and witty dialogues.  They were different in their eccentricities but played off of each other perfectly.  Chloe is someone I’m really looking forward to.  She might not be as forward as Everly, but I can see her do all kinds of crazy things when provoked.  Jana Aston has managed to create two amazing supporting characters so far.  Bravo!!!

I completely and utterly LOVED this book!

For me, this book was carried by it’s amazing cast.  Jane Aston’s characters were secure in their feelings, and didn’t fracture when life was turned upside down.  They also didn’t turn into blubbering messes just because something might not go their way.  Conflict is resolved reasonably quick and as maturely as expected when dealing with barley legal adults.  All in all I found a new favorite author, with makes me HAPPY!!!!


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