Overnight Sensation (Brooklyn Bruisers #5) by Sarina Bowen

Overnight Sensation – Sarina Bowen

Everyone knows the girl is off limits. But it’s so good to be bad.


Overnight Sensation – Sarina Bowen

Overnight Sensation

by Sarina Bowen

(Brooklyn Bruisers #5)

Kindle Edition, 341 pages
Published January 22nd 2019

Overnight Sensation – Sarina Bowen


Overnight Sensation – Sarina Bowen




Oh wow!! It’s not often that I fall in love with a heroine – but Heidi was my kind of gal.

Besides having one of the most amazing contemporary romance heroines, the first half of this book was INCREDIBLE!!!!! I laughed so hard at times – I truly had the best time reading this novel. I was actually sending screen shots of the Tesla scene to my friend, telling her she had to read it since she has driven a Tesla before and could totally relate.

Honestly, it’s usually the guy that I fall for, but Heidi was the epitome of how a heroine should be. She was bossy outside of bed, well rounded in all things life might throw at her, and she had this adorable can-do-attitude that was charming and very attractive in a woman. She wasn’t afraid to say what she wanted, smart, bright and incredibly likable, she had everyone wrapped around her little finger. All the best scenes belonged to her – and I wish more authors would write women like her. I thought the author really outdid herself with creating Heidi, because she was something special.

Jason, was swoony, protective, possessive and bossy in bed. He really found his match in Heidi and adored her strong and can-do personality. He might have actually been my favorite Bruiser so far. It’s irresistible to me if a guy can hold his own next to a strong woman.

It was also fun catching up with many old friends and favorite characters. And the Bruisers are still my most favorite fictional sports team yet.

The entire novel was incredibly satisfying. It was a great sports romance that was hella fun, sweet, swoony, touching, and entertaining. A MUST READ for every sports romance fan.


Overnight Sensation – Sarina Bowen


There’s this girl…
Heidi and I have been trading hungry looks all year, and everything she does makes me smile. But I don’t do girlfriends, and I certainly can’t get involved with the league commissioner’s daughter. I need shots on goal, not a hookup and a widely misunderstood paparazzi photo.
Can I resist her, though? The way she teases me should be a game penalty for interference with my libido. 

There’s this guy…
Jason wants me, but he won’t admit it. That man looks at me the way a hockey player eyes the lunch buffet after practice–and I love it.
But when victory is finally within my grasp, I blow it and humiliate myself. Even then I can’t even avoid him–as the team intern, I’m in constant view of his hard body and cocky smile.
I need another chance. Jason Castro is about to learn the true meaning of an overnight sensation.

Overnight Sensation - Sarina Bowen

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Sarina Bowen is the USA Today bestselling author of steamy, angsty Contemporary Romance and New Adult fiction. She lives in the wilds of New England.

She is the author of The Ivy Years, an award-winning series set amid the hockey team at an elite Connecticut college. Also, the The Gravity series.

With Elle Kennedy, Sarina is the author of the RITA award winning HIM, and its sequel, US, as well as the WAGs novels.

Sarina also has a new Vermont contemporary romance series, True North. She’s also unrolled new hockey novels from Penguin Berkley including Rookie Move.

Sarina enjoys skiing, espresso drinks and the occasional margarita. She lives with her family, eight chickens and more ski gear and hockey equipment than seems necessary.

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Overnight Sensation – Sarina Bowen

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  1. Yeah I loved this book too….wish they had done a more realistic model for the cover, but the story was so fun and I wasn’t sure if I would like the heroine but I really enjoyed Heidi too.

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