My Enemy Next Door by Nicole London, Whitney G.

My Enemy Next Door – Nicole London, Whitney G.


My Enemy Next Door – Nicole London, Whitney G.

My Enemy Next Door

by Nicole London, Whitney G.

Kindle Edition, 125 pages
Expected publication: January 11th 2018


My Enemy Next Door – Nicole London, Whitney G.


My Enemy Next Door – Nicole London, Whitney G.



Until this week I had been in a reading slump since LAST year. It started at the end of December, right around my holiday break. I must have DNFed 15 books during that time. It was a NIGHTMARE!!!! But it finally stopped this week.

So, I can say with 100% conviction that this book was a great read. 

I was more than pleased with this book. When I found out that Whitney G would be writing a book with Nicole London (whom I have never even heard of – shame on me) I wasn’t sure what to think. Not all collaborations work. And loving Whitney G’s writing – I didn’t think she needed a collaboration.

But boy was I wrong!!!!

I still think Whitney G. doesn’t need to collaborate because her books are fantastic as they are, but this book was a HIT. My Enemy Next Door was witty, sassy, fast paced, captivating, and sweet. Pretty much exactly how I like my books.

The flashbacks (which I’m not usually a fan of) were adorable ♡. The enemies to lovers trope something I’m always looking forward to. The dialogues were witty, smart, and primed with sexual tension. The couples little war was entertaining and never crossed over to obnoxious or petty.

Ding, ding, ding – a WINNER!

Courtney and Jase were a wonderful couple. They met in detention during their high school junior and senior year and from there one they were inseparable. A beautiful story of becoming friends, and then lovers. That alone would have made a beautiful YA novel. I devoured those scenes/chapters and wished as always that the book would have been longer.

Because, as usual, I didn’t know that My Enemy Next Door was a novella. And as usual, the ending came WAY TO SOON!!!!!! Listen Whitney, you can’t do that!!! I’m sitting there in my happy bubble, reading your fantastic book, and then you just stop the book – GRRRR!!!

Back to the book, life usually sucks, but this time it’s a case of unfortunate misunderstandings.

I really enjoyed Courtney and Jace together. Jace was very open about his desire for Courtney, even after everything that happened, including their long status as enemies. I love that in a guy, when he doesn’t shy away from speaking out about his desires and dreams. Courtney on the other hand needed a little more prodding, but when they finally managed to overcome their misunderstandings, she was all in.

So, another WINNER for me, a kick in the butt for my reading slump, and a confirmation that Whitney G is my kind of author. I’m officially a life long devotee of all things WHITNEY G.!!!!




4 stars

It’s no secret, I love Whitney G. books and this one is no different.

I immensely enjoyed this fun little second chance romance. It hit all my hotspots. It’s sexy, funny, a tad angsty, and has two fantastic main characters who know what they want and where they’re headed in life.

Another amazing release!

Where this book (and most of her books) excels is in the character interactions. There’s never a dull moment with these two. From the pranks and games they play on each other initial, to the witty and sexy banter that’s trademark, Whitney G., to the telling flashbacks that show us the true story behind where their initial romance hit the skids, I was all in and completley engrossed in this amazing story!

I only had one minor issue with the book. The ending felt really abrupt to me. I wanted to know so much more about the characters and where they’d go from there.

Other than that minor concern, this is an amazing read and I highly recommend to all!


My Enemy Next Door – Nicole London, Whitney G


We used to be close.
We used to be best friends.
Until we became enemies all over again…

Courtney Ryan ruined our on and off again friendship with one swipe of her sexy, red pen. After the final rude message she wrote in my yearbook, I decided that we didn’t need to see each other anymore. (But if we ever did, I would show her exactly why I had every reason to be “cocky,” and make her admit that I really *was* “that damn sexy.”)

Now that it’s ten years later, I’ve graduated from law school at the top of my class, and I’m being recruited to work at the number one law firm in New York City.

Since I’m in desperate need of a change and want to meet new people, I don’t hesitate to accept the offer.

Until I find out that Courtney Ryan graduated from law school, too.
Until I realize that she’ll be working at the same exact firm, in the office right across from me.

And if this timing isn’t unfortunate enough, she’s far more tempting and sexier than I originally remembered.
(Oh, and last night I found out that she lives right next door…)

We don’t have to be close.
We don’t have to be best friends.
But she’s going to pay me back for making us enemies all over again…

My Enemy Next Door – Nicole London, Whitney G.

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My Enemy Next Door – Nicole London, Whitney G.

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    1. Your welcome and thank you!! Whitney G is a fabulous author and she excels in novellas. I don’t think you would referee trying one of her books. Some are more sweet and others more sassy. Something for everyone.;-)

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