Corina’s Most Read Authors



A new series of posts are coming soon:

Corina’s Most Read Authors




The Idea:

A fellow blogger (my memory is pretty much mush at this point, and I sincerely apologize for not remembering the blogger’s name) posted not long ago about her most read authors on her Goodreads shelf. I really loved the idea. When I was brainstorming I thought why not expand that idea and take it a step further. I decided to take the opportunity and highlight each author in a separate post over the next few months.

Who to choose?

The author list on GR includes 100 authors. Some share the same spot, depending on the number of books read, but all in all there are 100 authors on that list. At first I just wanted to highlight the top 10 authors, made the first 15, or how about the top 20. YIKES!!! Going through the list I saw so many beloved writers I wanted to include in this series that I decided to feature the first 27 authors. Strange number – I know.

What’s to expect:

In these upcoming feature posts, I’ll be reflecting upon my favorite books and give personal recommendations. I already decided that I won’t put myself on a rigid schedule – that just would ruin all the fun. I imagine I will write a post per week, depending on my work and ARC schedule. I’m not sure yet what day the blog post will be posted, it will just have to be a surprise. I might even go rouge and post two authors in one week – who knows.

So, let’s take a look at the authors:



author books read
1 17065 J.D. Robb 52
2 2958084 Kristen Ashley 45
3 71688 Nalini Singh 44
4 4851199 Tijan 27
5 4610 John Sandford 26
6 21748 Ilona Andrews 22
7 625 Nora Roberts 20
7 7737308 Sarina Bowen 20
9 16961 Linda Howard 16
10 27847 Lisa Kleypas 15
10 40563 Patricia Briggs 15
12 8184875 Meghan March 14
12 7226675 Helena Hunting 14
12 107767 Robyn Carr 14
15 6574132 R.K. Lilley 13
16 6452845 Alessandra Torre 12
16 7324934 R.S. Grey 12
18 7056935 Krista Ritchie 11
18 Shelly Laurenston 11
18 6950682 Sawyer Bennett 11
18 10746 Jim Butcher 11
18 5160667 Shay Savage 11
18 6518370 Whitney G. 11
24 54958 Linda Castillo 10
24 6218 Sandra Brown 10
24 3225845 R. Lee Smith 10
24 3419479 Ellen O’Connell 10


I honestly can’t wait to get started. It seems Ellen O’Connell will be my first author, and she is such an exceptional writer to boot. ♥ So, stay tuned and happy reading!!!



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6 thoughts on “Corina’s Most Read Authors

  1. I just love seeing your top read authors that you have here darling!! Nalini Singh is probably at the top of my list too. Her Changeling series is AMAZING, I just wish I could be part of one of the packs, because that is true utopia as far as I am concerned and it felt so real.

    Lisa Kleypas is definitely on my list I have read all of her books (if not, there are one or two of her first title I may not have read) but since I have been reading her for over 15 years and some of those years before Goodreads existed, its hard to know sometimes. I am interested to see what books you loved most from her because she is so talented. Very lyrical and writes the best sexiest sex scenes in romance in my opinion. Not super hot, but so swoony.

    1. Same here!!!! I have read for the last 25 years. Nora Roberts, Lisa Kleypas, Julia Quinn, Amanda Quick so many historical romance authors that I never added to GR. I also have to say my reading taste changed as well over the years. So my reading shelf reflects the authors that I have read the most over the last 5 years. But the memories stay forever.;-) I have a little nook in my closet that has all of my old historical paperbacks that I just can’t throw out even though I haven’t picked them up in years. 😍

    2. And yes, Nalini is something special!!! Her writing and the way she connects characters and plots and never drops a ball is just outstanding. 💙💙💙💙

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