Misbehaved by Charleigh Rose

Misbehaved – Charleigh Rose

New from Best-selling author Charleigh Rose


Misbehaved – Charleigh Rose


by Charleigh Rose


Kindle Edition, 240 pages
Published April 26th 2017

Misbehaved – Charleigh Rose


Misbehaved – Charleigh Rose



WOW – this book was the perfect blend of scorching hot and emotionally gutting.

Forbidden. Taboo. Teacher-Student. 

When I heard this I sat up straight, raised my hand and said “Yes, PLEASE!!!!!”

I love the forbidden, the drama, the emotional rollercoaster that comes with it. My curiosity and desire was magnified to the extreme. 😀 The allure is what made me want to read it IMMEDIATELY!!!

Reading Misbehaved by Charleigh Rose was thrilling, exhilarating, intoxicating. Scandalizing but also scoring hot!! I couldn’t get enough of this book. The career ending repercussions , always a step away from being exposed, found out, and punished, was too great to ignore. I was hanging on each word, sentence, chapter. With each chapter I got drawn more and more into the story. Twists that kept me glued to the pages, until the next one shook me to the core.

And the characters – OMG  the characters were divine!!!

If I ever had a teacher like Mr. James I would have been tempted too.

He was EVERYTHING and so much more.

He was aloof, a jerk, hot, smart, condescending, and deliciously out of reach. His demeanor was delectable. I have a soft spot for jerks anyway, and Mr. James was such a delicious combination of all those trades. He would have made me jump him in a nanosecond.

And he found his match with Remington Stringer. A woman, a girl, a daughter, a seductress. She pushed all his buttons. They recognized themselves in each other, the need and passion that was just lurking for the perfect opportunity. Their chemistry was off the charts HOT. There was never a doubt why there was such an amazing pull between them.

I got hot just reading about them. The pages almost went up in flames – ok, I read on my kindle, let’s say it almost short circuited. HOT. iHOT. HOT.

And for all the naysayers and safe bunnies – she was almost 18 and nothing more than kissing happened before her 18th birthday.



P.S. And I ABSOLUTELY adore the book cover!! Such a nice change to the regular ‘getting old’ naked abs.


Misbehaved – Charleigh Rose


Remington Stringer has never been like most girls. She’s outspoken, brazen and wants nothing more than to escape the Nevadan hell hole that she calls home.

On the brink of eighteen, with a deceased mother and a well-meaning, yet absent father, she is forced to fend for herself. The only person she’s ever had to depend on is her borderline obsessive stepbrother, Ryan. But, what used to be her anchor is quickly becoming a loose cannon.

When Remi gets the opportunity to attend the best private school in the state during her senior year of high school, she jumps at the chance. Then she meets Mr. James. Ornery, aloof, and totally irresistible.

Most girls would swoon in secrecy.

Most girls would doodle his name with hearts in their notebook.

But Remi Stringer has never been like most girls.

Misbehaved - Charleigh Rose

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Charleigh Rose lives in Narnia with her husband and two young children. She’s hopelessly devoted to unconventional love and pizza. When she isn’t reading or mom-ing, she’s writing moody, broody, swoony romance.

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Misbehaved – Charleigh Rose

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