Million Dollar Devil by Katy Evans

It’s not just the cover that drew my eye – haha who am I kidding, it definitely was the cover that got me hooked. But I enjoy a good makeover – and the reverse role scenario really peaked my interest.


Million Dollar Devil

by Katy Evans


Kindle Edition, 291 pages
Expected publication: May 28th 2019

Million Dollar Devil – Katy Evans


Million Dollar Devil – Katy Evans


(at time of review)


I’ll admit right away that I haven’t had much luck with this author’s books recently. I can’t really put my finger on it, but they just don’t click with me anymore. I still remember all the feels I had while reading Womanizer and her White House duet. But everything after that has been a blur of DNFs.

But when I had the chance of getting Million Dollar Devil as an ARC I jumped on it – you got to give her books at least a chance.

It’s not just the cover that drew my eye – haha who am I kidding, it definitely was the cover that got me hooked. But I enjoy a good makeover – and the reverse role scenario really peaked my interest.

I don’t think this is news, but KE’s books have become sexier with each year.

And Million Dollar Devil is no exception. The couple might not jump into bed until later in the book, but all the talk of sex, and constant thinking of sex makes this book sinfully SEXY!!! Truly, the simmer is INSANE!! There is no letup. The constant level of sizzle should satisfy any romance reader who likes their books to be HOT.

Surprisingly daredevil James, was much sweeter, honorable, and way more devoted than I expected. No bad boy alert this time. Just a guy that loves dares, adrenaline and a good time. But on the inside he was loyal, and a guy you could trust and depend on. And apparently he looked HOT in a suit. Would have loved to see the ad campaign pictures for sure.

The story on its own wasn’t 100% believable. Yearlong habits are hard to break in only a couple weeks. Speech, mannerism, and personality can’t just be swiped clean and reinvented. But I took it for what it was – a romance novel with a HOT lead who had the hots for the heroine.

Because that was clear from the very first moment they laid eyes on. No surprise there.

The heroine wasn’t exactly my type of heroine. Her father was one of the reasons why she wasn’t as strong as I like them. She was missing a bit of spine – and I like my heroines feisty and ball kicking awesome.

But all in all it was a decent story. Entertaining, and the simmer definitely worked for me, even if the constant sex talk got a little on my nerves at the end. Because if you boil it down to the heart of it, the story started to feel two dimensional – it was being reduced to a couple that wanted to have sex, until they finally got to it. Since that’s pretty much all they did – thinking and talking about sex until they finally had sex – lol.


ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review.

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Million Dollar Devil – Katy Evans



Million Dollar Devil - Katy Evans Big-city sophistication meets carnal hunger in this devilish contemporary romance from New York Times and USA Todaybestselling author Katy Evans.

Heir apparent to her father’s company, Lizzy Banks needs a man. The perfect man. But when the rich “fundbabies” she usually rubs shoulders with prove impossible to hire, she takes a chance on a raw beast of a man salvaged from the wreckage of a bar brawl.

James Rowan earns a modest income as a YouTube daredevil, but he can’t refuse Lizzy’s million dollar deal. As she polishes his rough edges, creating a sophisticated gentleman fit for the highest circles of society, not only does she bring out the perfect man—it’s like she’s making the man of her dreams. How can she resist?

Though Lizzy loves seeing James in his clothes—and out of them—he isn’t the kind of man you bring home to Daddy. Her father’s disapproval and the pressure of the campaign have her eyeing the straight and narrow, but Lizzy’s finding it awfully hard to resist the devil on her shoulder…



Katy Evans is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. Her debut REAL shot to the top of the bestselling lists in 2013 and since then 10 of her titles have been New York Times bestsellers. Her books have been translated into nearly a dozen languages across the world.





Million Dollar Devil – Katy Evans

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    1. oh boy, don’t get me started – I loved her books two years ago, couldn’t get enough of them. I think she banks on her name – which she earned – but the quality of writing suffers because of a) she writes too fast, and b) it’s nothing new and unique.

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