Meet Cute by Helena Hunting

The New York Times bestselling author of Pucked and The Good Luck Charm delivers a Hollywood happily-ever-after where a famous heartthrob falls for his ultimate fangirl in this sexy standalone romantic comedy.


Meet Cute – Helena Hunting

Meet Cute

by Helena Hunting


Paperback, 384 pages
Expected publication: April 9th 2019

Meet Cute – Helena Hunting


Meet Cute – Helena Hunting


4.25 stars

First I need to mention that this did not feel like a typical rom-com. And I think if that’s what you are expecting, you will be disappointed. Instead it’s a touching and heartfelt love-story with some LOL moments, but it’s NOT what I would perceive as a rom-com. The cover is a bit misleading too. Nevertheless this book was a wonderful surprise – and should be read by anyone who loves something a bit more emotional and heartwarming.

This book was one of the biggest surprises of 2019 so far. I didn’t know what Meet Cute was all about when I picked it up, but within a couple pages I new I had a different kind of story in my hands. Different in regards to the author’s usual writing and storytelling.

It felt more earnest, emotional, but it still had the author’s signature wit, and brilliant writing. Unsurprisingly I love the single parent/guardian trope, combined with great banter, heartfelt moments, a hero that was out of his comfort zone, and a steadfast heroine that kicked ass – I got myself a winner.

There was so much I enjoyed about this novel.

Foremost Dax’s struggle with his new role as “dad” was utterly entertaining, maybe a bit stereotyped but oh so true, and the scene in the Aisle of Red had me laughing out loud. There were quite a few scenes that made me laugh, thanks to wonderful banter between Dax and Kailyn. Moreover the dynamic between the couple was very unique. In a gender role reversal Kailyn was Dax’s shoulder to lean on, his guide, and the calm after and through the storm. I really enjoyed how subtly the author changed the status quo.

Without a doubt there was genuine attraction and chemistry between the couple, from the very first meet to them working together. More than once Dax’s wandering thoughts made me chuckle and smile – he was such a guy! And Kailyn being his #1 fan lead to some awesome scenes – without ever becoming awkward. I loved how easily Dax took her fangirling in stride. And it was just a bonus how adorable Kailyn was fangirling over teenage Dax and her love for all things It’s My Life.

Truly, Meet Cute was a wonderful novel from start to finish.

It reminded me a bit of Sustained by Emma Chase, which I loved, and if you love books with kids, great banter, a couple that works well together, and a moving and heartwarming story. This book should be on your tbr.

ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review.

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Meet Cute – Helena Hunting


Meet Cute - Helena HuntingTalk about an embarrassing introduction. On her first day of law school, Kailyn ran – quite literally – into the actor she crushed on as a teenager, ending with him sprawled on top of her. Mortified to discover the Daxton Hughes was also a student in her class, her embarrassment over their meet-cute quickly turned into a friendship she never expected. Of course, she never saw his betrayal coming either…

Now, eight years later, Dax is in her office asking for legal advice. Despite her anger, Kailyn can’t help feeling sorry for the devastated man who just became sole guardian to his thirteen-year-old sister. But when her boss gets wind of Kailyn’s new celebrity client, there’s even more at stake than Dax’s custody issues: if she gets Dax to work at their firm, she’ll be promoted to partner.

The more time Kailyn spends with Dax and his sister, the more she starts to feel like a family, and the more she realizes the chemistry they had all those years ago is as fresh as ever. But will they be able to forgive the mistakes of the past, or will one betrayal lead to another?


NTY and USA Today Bestselling author of The PUCKED Series, Helena Hunting lives outside of Toronto with her amazing family and her two awesome cats, who think the best place to sleep is her keyboard. Helena writes everything from contemporary romance to romance comedy, sports romance and angsty new adult romance.




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Meet Cute – Helena Hunting

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