Love At Last by Claudia Connor

How many times can you be unlucky in love before you decide it’s not luck, it’s you?

Love At Last – Claudia Connor


Love At Last – Claudia Connor


Love At Last

by Claudia Connor


Kindle Edition, 408 pages
Expected publication: April 24th 2018

Love At Last – Claudia Connor


Love At Last – Claudia Connor


I’m a big fan of single parent romances. Big patch-work families that tug on my heartstrings and bring a smile to my face. Claudia Connor managed that feat with her very first romance novel Worth the Fall and I’ve been a big fan ever since.

Love at Last was almost picture perfect.

A sweet romance that checked all my boxes. I devoured it, and felt utterly content with how the author brought the couple together. This novel had everything I like about a romance. Chemistry, sexual attraction, genuine friendship, and adorable kids.

It’s one of those feel good novels, that leave me satisfied in every way. Claudia Connor has a way with words, and a true talent writing characters that speak to me again and again. Genuinely great people, that struggle but never in an overly dramatic way. Her books are uplifting and beautiful executed, exactly as I like them.


There is really not much more to say. If you love sweet romances that make you feel good – this is the book to pick. You won’t be disappointed if you love a heartwarming story that engages, and touches your heart with its beautiful plot.

And who can say no to a single dad with adorable twins. A guy that goes the extra mile to find his love and make a life together happen. I certainly couldn’t. I was feeling all fuzzy and warm with a silly smile on my face, and didn’t leave my cozy reading spot until the END. I honestly could read her books all the time. I wouldn’t say no if she would be cracking out books every few month. She is one of my favorite authors. Her writing and storytelling speak to me every single time.

Love At Last – Claudia Connor


From New York Times Bestselling Author…

How many times can you be unlucky in love before you decide it’s not luck, it’s you?

I’m in love with someone else. With her ex-groom’s words still ringing in her ears, Clare Franklin flies off alone to her would-be honeymoon. Forced to accept not everyone gets that happily ever after she’s always dreamed of, she’s done with men. Until she gets tangled up, quite literally, with one sexy veterinarian.

The only thing Dr Deacon Montgomery wants is to share his surgical expertise and get back to his two year old twin daughters. But, the connection he feels with Clare highlights just how alone he really is and makes him wonder if he can be more than doctor and daddy.

Long talks and moonlit walks under the rustle of palms has Clare thinking maybe she gave up on love too soon. Until one phone call from home changes everything.

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Claudia Connor is the author of the New York Times and USA Today bestselling series, The McKinney Brothers.

Claudia writes, warm, heartfelt contemporary romances with a bit of steam, a lot of family and always a happily ever after. Claudia attended Auburn University, where she received her undergraduate and masters degrees in early childhood education, and completed her studies in Sawbridgeworth, England. When she’s not writing, she enjoys movies, reading, and travel, with a heavy dose of daydreaming during all three. Claudia lives near Memphis, Tennessee, with her husband and three daughters.


Love At Last – Claudia Connor

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    1. I loved it because of that as well. She writes amazing single parent stories. I’m actually a bit addicted to her novels. 😀

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