Let’s talk about feeling stupid!

To start out, I’m a total newbie on WordPress. I have never owned a blog before. I have never coded. I have really NO idea what I’m doing.

Yesterday, I decide I wanted to switch my child theme – YAY!!!

So off I went, and found myself a cute and feminine theme, bought it (it wasn’t too expensive) and tried to install it.


Here we go. Apparently I already made a mistake by uploading the entire zip file. Because I got an error message – Can’t Install – Destination folder already exists. Happy times!!!!

After googling the shit out of it I found out I needed to go to my FTP server to delete the file there, and upload it again the right way.

FTP server????? WTF!!!

I had no idea what an FTP server was nor how to get there. Again googling…

Downloaded FileZilla, apparently needed that to get to my FTP server, but also needed stuff like server address, etc. which I didn’t have. More googling ensued.

At that point, I’m already quite hassled and in the mood to threw my computer out the window.

Interesting enough somehow, without doing anything on FTP yet, my child theme appeared on my WP account, ready for me to activate it.

But when I activated it, my former nicely set up blog is all jumbled and disarranged. But I knew that a new theme would do that. So I wasn’t too much shocked – Yeah, no, I hated that it was one big mess. I thought maybe, I would be a exception and my new layout would miraculously look good from the get-go. I was WRONG!!!

Sucking it up, I tried to customize it, but there were NO customize buttons. Just a blank page and a blank sidebar.


And here we come to the gist of things.

I feel utterly helpless, stupid, aggravated, even more stupid and PISSED OFF.

I understand that a new theme would have taken some reorganizing etc. That was totally fine with me. But having to find out how to delete stuff on a server, because I stupidly downloaded a zip file the wrong way, was quite out of my league. I needed a HELP phone line. Someone that could guide me through, step for step.

Why aren’t there any experts out there that do this for a living? Helping novices like me to get shit done. I would have even paid for it, just to get it off my back.

Honestly at this point I have no idea how to go forward. I would love to ask for my money back. Just because I will NEVER get it running without help. That’s a guarantee. But maybe the low price should have been an sign right there.

Anyway, I’m giving up on the new theme. I might shop around this weekend for something ‘better’ – a theme with fool-proof installation for idiots like me.

So, happy Saturday everyone!!! Wish you a nice, relaxing one. Let’s see if my computer survives the weekend.


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I’m a blogger, photographer, and unapologetic book addict. I love strong female characters, major jerks, and Happily Ever Afters.

15 thoughts on “Let’s talk about feeling stupid!

  1. Guess what?! You are not alone! I spent hours yesterday trying to figure out how to add Widgets to my sidebar. I did manage how to do something that I was even trying to do so I won’t complain too much. I’ve only started my blog this past June and am still learning as I go. I purchased to premium package from the star because I didn’t want to have any other problems such as restrictions. Anyway. if this helps I found ‘ask for help’ for wordpress on FB Haven’t heard back yet but time will tell. If your interested in seeing if they can help, just do some searching.

    1. Christine, you made my day!! It’s good to hear that I’m not the only one struggling. I wanted to post on the WordPress forum, but even that is a feat on its own. So many hurdles to overcome just to ask for help.:D I’ll check out the FB page. Anything that would help is appreciated. Thank you!!

  2. This post is me, lol. I have had the same theme since I started blogging, the only difference is that when I decided to upgrade to a premium acc, I was able to customize the theme (but to a point). Every time I look into maybe switching my theme, I remember the mess that is CSS and I can’t go through that again. A little tip and maybe this will help, each theme usually has it’s own forum page and you can ask questions and people are usually really nice and will respond. That’s how I figured out how to tweak my own theme. Good luck!

    1. Thank you!!! I’m glad I’m not the only one. And thanks for the tip, I will look into finding the right forum for my theme. Whenever I try to change/customize something I always run into CSS, which is sooo frustrating. I with their would be a crash course or a workshop that teaches CSS for beginners. I would really be interested in learning it. It would make everything so much more personal. 😀

  3. So sorry this happened to you, Corina! I’ve been thinking of changing theme, too, but haven’t found the courage lest something like this happened. There should really be a book: WordPress for Dummies.
    I’d be all over it. It would save us all a lot of time and frustration.

    1. Oh, I would love that book.😂 I think I’m going to find out how to work on the new site remotely/separately until it’s ready to go live. I’ll just have to find out how.😂I’ll keep you posted.

  4. Girl, You already know my feelings! I know what an FTP drive is and I’m still scared as hell to try to apply a theme to my blog. I can’t even get my Menu links on the home pages to work right. Bahaha. I’m just gonna leave it alone for now. Good luck, love!

    1. Lol – yeah, I might do the same. But I hate that I’m feeling like this. I would love to become more confident and to know what I’m doing.:D

  5. OMG! I was planning to change my theme and now I am scared 🙂 I was trying to customize the theme I was using but kind of messed it up and I didn’t had more time to spend on it so I gave up. But what happen to me couple days ago is, one of my friends made me bought a domain name and told me I can connect the blog with the domain but apparently I need a premium account for that. So now I have a domain name and a blog which I cannot combine. I still don’t like how my blog looks like but scared to mess it more. So until I have more time or pay someone to do it for me, I am not planning on changing anything 🙂

    1. Hi Mia, lol – this is very close to what happened to me. I had bought the theme and couldn’t apply. But it did find a solution yesterday. Apparently I had a plugin that bugged my account and didn’t let me upload nor customize my theme. I was VERY unhappy and quite a little pissed off. But fortunately the support guy was able to do his thing and I called my host support line and SOMEHOW we made it work – TEAM EFFORT!!!! It still took me an entire day to get things going to a point where I don’t have to worry to much how it looks. I’m still going to fiddle around, but I’m glad it’s finally up and running. I can only suggest, IF you decide to do the jump, do it on a day that has no posts scheduled. I believe in emergency situation ( like you can’t get it running at all) you can always activate your old theme. 😀

      1. Hey Corina,
        Thank you for the tip 🙂 I think I will try it on a day that I don’t have a time limit. I am still having hard time with scheduling my posts so I hope I can put that in an order first 🙂

        1. I really like the scheduling option, I can write tons of posts, all the promo posts when they come in and have them be posted during the week. Very convenient, especially if there is no time on that day to do it.

  6. Hi Corina, It seems you’re out of the woods now as your theme is gorgeous! Now I’m a newbie myself and what I do is read a lot on forums before changing anything as I’m scared to lose everything!!!! I changed theme three time before sticking for my current theme. I wanted to change details but did not know how so my man installed me a test server on his computer (he does computer for a living so it helps) so I could try all the themes I wanted. Guess what? The community solved my problem. Nice guys (geeks) sent me some CSS coding and voilà! Lesson’s learned: choose a theme with an active forum 🙂

    1. Hi, I think I’m getting there. But yes, a theme with an active forum does help immensely. But typically I had no idea that that was even a possibility or something I should take in account. Sigh. It’s always when it’s too late that the really helpful tips surfaces. I read about installing a test server for testing and working on it before going active. I didn’t know how to do that, so I picked a day when I didn’t have anything scheduled and plowed my way through. But in the end I did have to guys helping me on my way.:D It’s great to have a hubby that can help out. I would love to learn a bit more about CSS, just to be able to customize my theme even more.

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