Learning to Love the Heat by Everly Lucas

Learning to Love the Heat – Everly Lucas

*This is a STANDALONE novel with a slow burn, a seriously steamy ending, and an unconventional HEA*


Learning to Love the Heat – Everly Lucas


Learning to Love the Heat

by Everly Lucas

ebook, 256 pages
Published January 9th 2018


Learning to Love the Heat – Everly Lucas



This debut novel by Everly Lucas deserves all the laudation and applaud I can heap on it. Besides being expertly written, the author penned a story that was captivating, sweet and had an unconventional ending that I ADORED.

I came across this novel, by receiving an email from the author. And yes, as a book blogger we get these emails every single day. The difference with this email, that made me pick up the book, was that the author would have been totally fine with me if I just read the book – without writing a review. That’s what made me pay attention.

No pressure.

Because having a blog, reading, reviewing and working full time is pressure enough. I love giving a debut author a chance, but can they give me a guarantee that I’ll love it? Nope, but I’m supposed to review it anyway. I read and review dozens of books a month that are already planned and scheduled months in advance. Books I can’t wait to read. Adding another book from an author I don’t know anything about – makes me hesitant. So, her giving me an out in case I didn’t like it was reason enough to give her a chance. Because in the end, liking the book is reason enough for me to sit down and write a review (even if it took me way longer than anticipated – sorry).

Anyway, I’m digressing.

I picked up Learning to Love the Heat and REALLY enjoyed it. 

It’s not perfect. Hello, it’s a debut novel. But there is so much PROMISE in this author. I’m 100%  convinced that Everly Lucas is going to make it in this industry.

Her writing is excellent. The story arc was well thought through and wonderfully executed. She went into great detail, sometimes a bit much, but TJ told me that’s what she personally loves. So, there you go, it’s all objective. Her characters were sweet, approachable, and genuinely likable. And I LOVED the love story!!!!!

And the ending of the story – ♡♡♡♡♡♡ – I adored it!!!

Now the ending might not be for everyone, but keep an open mind, your heart open for possibilities and just enjoy a very well written book. I’m telling you, this author is going to go far.

So, go and read it!!! Give her a chance, you’ll be surprised and delighted by her writing.



Learning to Love the Heat – Everly Lucas

What she needs most might be what she least expects…

Living without air conditioning in a Philadelphia heat wave has Claire on the brink of a total meltdown. When she escapes her overheated apartment to spend a day at the park, the last thing she expects—or wants—is for a gorgeous guy to chat her up. But his sweet smile and nerdy charm are impossible for even Claire to resist.

Patience and persistence go hand in hand…

For Ben, Claire is the One, but there’s a small snag—she’s terrified of a man’s touch. But now that he’s found her, he’ll never let her go, even if he never gets to hold her.
Another snag? Her obvious attraction to his best friend.

Sometimes it takes fire to wash you clean…

Ben respects Claire’s firm boundaries, but Andy crashes right through them. He’s arrogant, crude, a total jackass…and criminally sexy.
Even if she can fix what’s broken inside her, how will she choose between the delicious slow burn she feels with Ben and the explosive inferno Andy ignites in her?
Can they find their happy ending without three hearts going up in flames?

Learning to Love the Heat – Everly Lucas


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After years of rooting for couples and falling for heroes created by other authors, Everly decided to create her own. She now has a crowd of characters hanging out in her head, with no intention of kicking them out.

She lives in Philadelphia with her precious laptop, a cat named Bunny, and a kitten who falls down a lot. Her favorite things include Dr. Pepper, sparkly stuff, blissful silence, and singing while doing the dishes.

Her debut novel, Learning to Love the Heat, is set for release on January 9, 2018. She also has two New Adult series in the works.

Everly can be found on Twitter, like, all the time.

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Learning to Love the Heat – Everly Lucas

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