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TJ & Co’s Favorites for July




Here’s a list of the books we read and loved in July, our top recommendations.




It’s not surprising that Tijuana and I have quite a few books in common, including faves like this one. Wicked Wish was a HUGE hit for both of us. It was an ultimate WOW!!!

“Holy Hotness!! Sawyer Bennett knows how to do erotica folks! This series is smoking hot, but also has fantastic storylines.”  ~ Tijuana

“I love Sawyer Bennett WICKED series – truly love it. Book 1 Wicked Favor was already fabulous BUT Wicked Wish was even BETTER!!!” ~ Corina

TJ & Co review                                                                                                                                              Goodreads




Both of us were amazed and enthralled by this series. We couldn’t finish it fast enough and the wait for book 2 almost killed us. This series was definitely a highlight of July, maybe even for the entire year of 2017.

“I cried almost cover to cover while reading this book. The Brightest Sunset is, without a doubt, a series that will stick with me for years to come.” ~ Tijuana

“This book – this series – had my heart going like CRAZY!!!” ~ Corina

TJ & Co review  Sunset & Sunrise                                                                                                      Goodreads



OMG –  I loved this book soooo much!!! The author created the most wonderful sexy caveman. Gosh he was HOT, SWEET, and so uber-BOSSY – sigh!!!! LOVED IT!!

“This book really had everything I could have wished for. Awesome characters that I fell in love with EASILY!!! Wonderful chemistry! Captivating and engaging plot. And one of the BEST caveman style heroes EVER!!!!”  ~ Corina

Corina’s review                                                                                                                                             Goodreads



This was only my second book by Juliette Poe but OMG I fell in love with her stories – hook, line and sinker. There is no more going back – she’ll have to get used to me being one of her BIGGEST fans. 😀

“I LOVE Juliette Poe’s writing style!!!!
EVERYTHING about this novel worked for me.
The sass. The banter. The slow burn. The small town life.
I LOVED IT!!!” ~ Corina

Corina’s review                                                                                                                                             Goodreads



Wow, this book was AMAZING!! I love Nalini Singh and her Archangel series is one of my all-time favorites. Archangel’s Viper was about one of the most interesting and fascinating character of Raphael’s SEVEN – so getting this ARC was so totally unexpected – I still can’t believe it.

“Holly and Venom’s love- story was as beautiful as it was restrained and pure. It was PERFECT in every possible way. I personally think that the author outdid herself with this novel. This couples was PERFECTION!!!!” ~ Corina

Review closer to release date                                                                                                              Goodreads



Oh, YUM!!! I still remember when TJ told me that LOVER was about swingers!!! Oh my, you should have seen me sit up with attention. I was all over this book and loved it soooo much!!

“Intrigued by the setting, and utterly enchanted by the characters, I was immediately consumed by this emotional and electrifying novel. Long story short, I fell in love with West and Piper.” ~ Corina

Corina’s review                                                                                                                                             Goodreads



There is just no way to describe how I feel when I have a Kristen Ashley book in my hands. I love her writing, it’s unique, totally unique. 😀 And this wholesome story tug on my heartstrings and her family values were heartwarmingly beautiful.

“OMG – and The Time in Between had the BEST cameo EVER!!!! Rock Chicks rejoice!!!! I was smiling so HARD!!! I loved, loved, loved the connection to Denver, it was such an amazing surprise – she couldn’t have written it any better.” ~ Corina

Review closer to release date                                                                                                              Goodreads



G.A. Aiken has been one of my favorite writers for a very loooong time. I still remember reading book 1 on a road trip through South Dakota, hours of driving, and Corina was sitting in the back devouring G.A. Aiken. I can’t recall anymore how many of her books I’ve read on that road trip – but I’ll never forget it. I was laughing sooooo much!!!

“Bring the Heat (Dragon Kin #9) by G.A. Aiken was exactly as I hoped. The story continued in a complex and multistory arc that kept me glued to the seat but also had my head spinning at times – the good way.” ~ Corina

Review closer to release date                                                                                                              Goodreads



This series is spellbinding! I devoured all 3 books over the course of 5 days. Not since, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows have I been so engrossed in a thrilling YA Fantasy!

“Holy fucking shit! I’ve been enchanted by this brilliant work of art.
This is why I love the Young Adult genre! Not only was this book an escape from the daily grind; it was an amazing adventure!” ~ Tijuana

“I’m totally obsessed and enthralled by this series!! If I could kick my own ass for waiting so long to read it, I would. I am beyond in love with the this book! So much so, I stewed over writing this review for days and just decided to gush about how much I loved the book rather than try to write something as epic as the series and fail miserably. So here goes…” ~ Tijuana

Tijuana’s review of ACOTAR – ACOMAF  -book 3 to come                                                Goodreads



The Vegas Heat is off the charts in this one! And I’m not talking about the weather Ladies! 😉

“Emma Hart has blown me away! I’ve read several of her books; they are always witty, sassy, and sexy. Sin is so much more than that! Damien Fox is my ideal book boyfriend.” ~ Tijuana

Tijuana’s review                                                                                                                                           Goodreads



OMG – this book!!!! TRUST was such a gem. Both of us LOVED it. We adored it, enjoyed it and would recommend it to ANYONE!!! It was touching, emotionally moving and so fucking REAL. I can only hope Kylie Scott is writing more YA because I will be buying EVER SINGLE BOOK she writes.

Everything Kylie Scott writes is Ah-mazing! Seriously, she could write a Math textbook and I’d read it! TRUST is her new Mature YA. It’s stunning!

“All the feels were felt! TRUST ME! (pun intended) I simultaneously laughed and cried through much of the novel. That’s the brilliance of reading a novel by an amazing storyteller. The book is so well written, you can’t help but fall in love with the characters.” ~ Tijuana

“For me the characters were the driving force. They carried the book. Edie and John were uniquely different, authentic and incredibly easy to fall in love with. There was NOTHING I would have changed about this book.It’s PERFECT the way it is.” ~ Corina

Tj & Co review                                                                                                                                               Goodreads



Why oh why did it take me this long to discover the brilliance of Kennedy Fox?! Logan & Kayla’s story is so good. I still have a hangover.

“I was so excited to read my first book by Kennedy Fox. And, Wow! I really enjoyed it! This Is Dangerous was so much more than I expected.” ~ Tijuana

Tijuana’s review                                                                                                                                           Goodreads

Of course both of us read so many more books this month. These are only our favorites and highlights. You can find all of our July books here

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5 thoughts on “July Favorites & Recommendations

  1. I have the Aly Martinez books on my TBR. I admit I was a coward and wanted to wait to read both at the same time. I DO NOT do well with cliffhangers, lol. Glad you both loved it. I can’t wait to start them!

    1. I would recommend to anyone to wait:D I hate cliffies and if I can wait until the entire series is out, I’ll do that. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did.

  2. A Court of Thorns and Roses series!! <3 <3 <3

    I literally added every single book you suggested here to my TBR shelf on Goodreads. Love it!

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