Jersey Six by Jewel E. Ann

It’s going to be hard to put all my thoughts into words. At this point it’s mostly FEELS. Dark, raw and aching emotions that gnaw at me. Because the rawness and grittiness that I found in this book, surprised the hell out of me.

Jersey Six

by Jewel E. Ann


Kindle Edition, 282 pages
Published June 13th 2019


Jersey Six – Jewel E Ann


Jersey Six – Jewel E Ann




WOW – this book!!

It’s going to be hard to put all my thoughts into words. At this point it’s mostly FEELS. Dark, raw and aching emotions. Because the rawness and grittiness in this book, surprised the hell out of me and pretty much caught me unaware. I really didn’t expect such a punch to the heart.

So, what really swept me away was Jersey Six, this woman was gritty, and nothing like any other character I read before. She was very pragmatic and matter-of-fact about EVERYTHING!!! Honestly, Jersey blew my mind at times. I think she must have been the author’s most unique heroine yet.

Jersey was such an incredible and unique character, that I’m not even sure that I was able to comprehend everything that made her who she was.  Because her facets were many. She was an enigma. Full of hidden depth. Strength. And just pure will and determination. She was a real survivor. Not only in name. She was gritty, raw and emotionally damaged but she had TEETH!! And had no issues to do what needed to be done.

Besides Jersey, the hero was also mighty FINE. Quiet and mysterious. Damaged, but he refused to let it bring him down. Their connection was part of the mystery, and the revelation a jaw dropping event.

Now there was one aspect/character that almost ruined it all for me. I’m trying to be as vague as possible, but just be aware, I don’t want to spoil it for anyone.

But I disliked one of the side characters IMMENSELY.

I hated him with a passion. His control over Jersey was something that annoyed me the most. The way he was able to manipulate her, and use her as a weapon to get what he wanted. I haven’t had such a strong feeling towards a character in a long time, and he actually soured part of the novel for me. Just by the way he orchestrated everything, but especially the way he managed Jersey.

It’s unfortunate that I had such a deep emotional reaction to him. But on the other hand I couldn’t put the book down either. The suspense and mystery that surrounded everyone had me sitting on the edge of my seat. And I was really surprised by how suspenseful Jersey Six was. It had some amazing twists and turns that I didn’t see coming. And I really loved how the past and the present all came together in the end.

I’m not going to forget this novel anytime soon. It might not be my favorite book by this author, but it’s definitely one that stands out. And most of all I love that the author always manages to write fantastically different stories.


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Jersey Six – Jewel E Ann


Jersey Six - Jewel E AnnHow far would you go for revenge?

A hit-and-run accident leaves Jersey Six orphaned and homeless on the streets of Newark, shattering her dreams of school dances, pink nail polish, and a diploma.

Eight years later, a burn victim with amnesia wanders into Jersey’s barely-existent life. She resists his efforts to form a friendship until he reveals knowledge of the person responsible for derailing her future. Through their unusual friendship, she discovers a way to avenge the deaths of her foster parents.

All she has to do is destroy the world’s biggest rock star.

In the ultimate game of sex, lies, and manipulation, can Jersey discover the truth? Or will she be blinded by attraction, deceived by love, and destroyed by her past?



Jewel is a free-spirited romance junkie with a quirky sense of humor. When she’s not saving the planet one tree at a time, you can find her role modeling questionable behavior to her three boys, binge-watching Netflix with her husband, and writing mind-bending romance.




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Jersey Six – Jewel E Ann

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