in·ten·tion: a novel by Ava Harrison

in·ten·tion: a novel – Ava Harrison

From USA Today Bestseller Ava Harrison, comes a sexy new STANDALONE romance.


in·ten·tion: a novel – Ava Harrison

in·ten·tion: a novel

by Ava Harrison


Published February 2019

in·ten·tion: a novel – Ava Harrison


in·ten·tion: a novel – Ava Harrison



I flat out loved it! This trope is an absolute favorite of mine.
It’s my new favorite from this author.

Here’s what I loved:
As I stated above, the trope really did it for me. Nathaniel and Tink rub each other the wrong way from the very start! She’s to put together and regimented. He’s flying by the seat of his pants and completely disrupts her delicate order. They spar from their very first meeting. It was quite fun to experience him getting under her skin.

When they both realize they have something to lose, and really need one each other the circumstances change. What’s can be worse than being thrown into close quarters with a person you despise? Well they soon find out that being in close quarters can be really rewarding.

The steamy bits between them were fabulous. Their relationship development was well done. They both grow as characters. Although I was quite miffed with her at certain point during the story, it got me right in the feels!

Overall, a very well written and engaging novel. Two thumbs up!


in·ten·tion: a novel – Ava Harrison



I had it all.
Dream job, fancy apartment, great family.
But there was one thing I didn’t have.
Would never have.
Then he showed up.
He came to me with an ultimatum, and I had no choice but to agree. I needed to convince the world that I was Nathaniel Harrington’s girlfriend so his legacy would stay intact.
Spending time with him would be difficult.
And fooling the world would be even harder.
But persuading my heart into thinking that his kisses meant nothing and that his gentle touches were all in my head, would be impossible.
I was falling for him.
But fate had other plans.
Our time was limited.
Because I knew the truth.
A truth that would end us.

in·ten·tion: a novel – Ava Harrison

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