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Do you love the FORBIDDEN?????





We love this trope!! It’s one of the most fascinating genre and has some of the BEST sexual tension ever!! These books just sizzle! So, if you love this kind of trope, here are our favorites for you to peruse.  Our own personal recommendations – only the best end up on these lists.



After the Night by Linda Howard

Goodreads stats:  4.09  ·   20,508 ratings  ·  1,053 reviews

This book deserved ALL THE STARS and should be on the mandatory reading list of every middle school and high school. The story is on point, current, chilling, heartbreaking and eye opening for anyone who doesn’t experiment this life every day. It’s a MUST READ for everyone!!!


Misconduct by Penelope Douglas

Goodreads stats:  4.07  ·   11,066 ratings  ·  1,171 reviews

Loved this teacher/parent novel. Wonderfully written, it was one of my first Penelope Douglas novel and it’s one of the only one I would consider rereading. HOT and sizzling it delivered everything I love in a forbidden story.


Birthday Girl by Penelope Douglas

Goodreads stats:  4.17  ·   13,744 ratings  ·  1,933 reviews ·  Review

I love forbidden, taboo, and anything that’s edgy and outside the box. Birthday Girl was a much sweeter novel than anything I have ever read by this author. It was sweet, captivating, and alluring. Perfect for anyone that would like it a bit less shocking.


On the Island (On the Island #1) by Tracey Garvis Graves

Goodreads stats:  4.13  ·   68,057 ratings  ·  8,295 reviews ·  Review

I’m not a huge friend of the older woman/younger man trope, but this student/teacher novel was enchanting, alluring and captivating. Beautifully written, emotional and touching, it’s a MUST READ for anyone who loves to read unique and refreshingly different stories.



Scandalous (Sinners of Saint, #3) by L.J. Shen

Goodreads stats:  4.29  ·   12,577 ratings  ·  1,605 reviews ·  Review

Scandalous is complex, emotionally riveting, and an intricately plotted work of art. It’s thought-provoking and guaranteed to steal your heart. I was in tears at the end. #BestEpilogueAward. I always expect the unexpected with the Hotholes and Trent did not disappoint.


Mr. President (White House #1) by Katy Evans

Goodreads stats:  4.13  ·   11,864 ratings  ·  1,594 reviews ·  Review

I really enjoyed Mr President. I read it right after the election in 2016 and it really resonated with me. And of course the aspect of it being a forbidden romance didn’t hurt either. I’m not usually a fan of Katy Evans, but the White House duet really worked for me.


All the Ugly and Wonderful Things by Bryn Greenwood

Goodreads stats:  4.08  ·   62,251 ratings  ·  9,393 reviews ·  Review

Wow, this book gave me a major book hangover. It’s not a secret that this novel is controversial. But that has never stopped me from reading a book. I rather enjoy reading outside the box. And since it’s a work of fiction, I perceive it as such. What makes this novel outstanding is the excellent writing, fascinating characters and the unique storyline.
Truly UNIQUE!!!


Balance (Off Balance #1) by Lucia Franco

Goodreads stats:  4.05  ·   1,199 ratings  ·  356 reviews

This book fits the trope of forbidden to a T. This book won’t be the right book for everyone. But if you really enjoy the taboo and forbidden, you’ll enjoy this HOT and sizzling coach/underage student novel that brims with drama and sexual tension.


Turbulence - Whitney G.


Undeniable (Undeniable #1) by Madeline Sheehan

Goodreads stats:  4.05  ·   1,199 ratings  ·  356 reviews

Madeline Sheehan’s books ruled my life for a long time. During the years when I read one MC book after another, she was considered the QUEEN of MCs. Nothing could get even close to how heart wrecking and addicting her stories were. The age gap between her main characters also contributed to the “OMG – what am I reading?” kind of feeling.


Lover by Marni MannGia Riley

Goodreads stats:  4.00  ·   1,315 ratings  ·  307 reviews  ·  Review

I pretty much jumped into this book without knowing anything about the authors, their writing style or what the book would be about, all I knew was that the two couples were swingers!!!! Call me intrigued!! Intrigued by the setting, and utterly enchanted by the characters, I was immediately consumed by this emotional and electrifying novel. Long story short, I fell in love with West and Piper.


A Perfect Ten (Forbidden Men #5) by Linda Kage

Goodreads stats:  4.30  ·   10,853 ratings  ·  925 reviews

Ten and Caroline were a match made in heaven. I couldn’t stop laughing and smiling about their conversations. Just wonderfully witty, snarky and dirty. This best friends younger sister novel had all the things I love in an entertaining read. The forbidden aspect kept me turning the pages, and their banter made it a fun and very enjoyable read.


Turbulence (Turbulence #1) by Whitney G.

Goodreads stats:  4.27  ·   10,604 ratings  ·  1,686 reviews ·  Review

ATTENTION the author change the title to MISTER WESTON

I absolutely adored this book. My favorite kind of hero – jerk, and a forbidden romance all wrapped in one. The banter and chemistry is through the roof in this spicy and sexy read. Honestly, it’s the author’s best book to date, and it has to be on everyone’s reading list.



Dark Notes by Pam Godwin

Goodreads stats:  4.21  ·   7,321 ratings  ·  1,061 reviews

This book checked all my boxes!! I loved this student/teacher romance. Edgy, steamy with a spanking or two – it was an irresistible and unputdownable read!! This my most favorite novel by Pam Godwin, and a MUST READ for everyone that loves this trope.


Scoring Wilder by R.S. Grey

Goodreads stats:  4.08  ·   23,406 ratings  ·  1,947 reviews ·  Review

This is one of my most favorite books of all time!! I have read it already at least half a dozen times, and probably will read it every year going forward. It combines two of my favorite tropes, student/coach and sports romances. I adore it from beginning to end. Wilder is one of the best book boyfriends ever and the author balances the NA angst with witty banter and funny LOL moments.


Beautiful Bastard (Beautiful Bastard #1) by Christina Lauren

Goodreads stats:  4.04  ·   130,643 ratings  ·  7,888 reviews  ·  Review

Beautiful Bastard had everything I enjoy in an office romance. A jerk of a boss, lot’s of banter and pushing buttons on BOTH SIDES!!! It’s not just him that pushed buttons, she teased him non-stop and I absolutely adored it!! Beautiful Bastard was sexy, steamy and utterly addicting.


Damaged Like Us (Like Us #1) by Krista RitchieBecca Ritchie

Goodreads stats:  4.02  ·   4,826 ratings  ·  851 reviews  ·  Review

WOW!!! I had no idea how much this book would speak to me. lI was sceptic at first. I honestly didn’t think that this series could be as awesome as the Calloway Sisters – but wow I was soooo WRONG!!! Damaged Like Us is the beginning of an EPIC series. A wealthy celebrity falling in love with his tattooed and HOT bodyguard – I couldn’t have asked for a more addicting plot.



Bad Habit (Bad Love #1) by Charleigh Rose

Goodreads stats:  4.10  ·   5,547 ratings  ·  652 reviews  ·  Review

Bad Habit is one of the best mature New Adult novels I’ve ever read. It has a little bit of everything and checked every one of my boxes.

✔️ Sexy
✔️ Angsty
✔️ Emotional
✔️ Well Written

Check, check, check, and double check!!


From This Moment (After We Fall #4) by Melanie Harlow

Goodreads stats:  4.08  ·   3,136 ratings  ·  548 reviews  ·  Review

This book had me all up in my emotions!

I may or may not have cried from cover to cover and loved every tearful moment! It’s such a beautiful heartfelt story of loss, grief, guilt and how the power of love has the capability to heal a broken family.


Sinner (Priest #2) by Sierra Simone

Goodreads stats:  4.30  ·   2,030 ratings  ·  575 reviews  ·  Review

I can’t even with how AMAZING Sierra Simone writes such beautiful stories. It’s a true gift and I’m so blown away…once again.

My husband said I was an “emotional wreck” while reading this book. I was grinning one chapter and crying like a loon the next. You know it’s good when you can’t contain your emotions.


Wanderlust (Part Time Lover) by Lauren Blakely

Goodreads stats:  4.10  ·   3,208 ratings  ·  602 reviews  ·  Review

Loved Loved Loved It!

Oh my gah! This book is so fracking amazing! I’m head over heels in love with Griffin and Joy! The narration is amazing, the characters are fantastic, and the story is so romantic and perfect! The backdrop of the city serves as a secondary character in the best possible way. It’s an amazing and swoon-worthy romance. One of Lauren’s absolute best!




His True Queen (The Smoke & Mirrors Duology #2) by Jodi Ellen Malpas

Goodreads stats:  4.51  ·  2,362 ratings  ·  402 reviews  ·  Review

All Hail The Queen!

Queen Jodi is reigning supreme this year! The drama. The angst. The complexity of the plot. I was on the edge of my seat the entire read! This duet is sheer and utter perfection!


The Peer and the Puppet (When Rivals Play #1) by B.B. Reid

Goodreads stats:  4.16  ·   3,384 ratings  ·  484 reviews  ·  Review

Teen drama. Angst central. A badass heroine. An even badder ass hero!
Bebe Reid excels at writing NA that makes me wish I could do high school all over again with her entire cast of characters! I freaking loved it!


Mister Bodyguard (Morgan Brothers #4) by Lauren Rowe

Goodreads stats:  4.62  ·   491 ratings  ·  230 reviews ·  Review

Oh my gah! I loved this one so very much! It’s flat out one of my favorites from this author! The characters are perfect! The setup and execution are perfect


All of Me (Confessions of the Heart #2) by A.L. Jackson

Goodreads stats:  4.40  ·  1,138 ratings  ·  353 reviews  ·  Review

All of Me is everything I love about an A.L. Jackson romance. Gorgeous writing, an amazing plot, and a hero that makes me swoon so hard, I nearly passed out. He’s everything I love in an alphahole BBF – sexy as shit, strong and protective, and emotionally unavailable (lolol). I love him so very much!






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    1. LJ Shen is a favorite authors and whatever she writes I’ll read.:D Can’t wait to read TKT. I would love for her to write another forbidden romance…..

    1. I wasn’t sure what to think about On the Island – but the hype was strong and boy was I glad I picked it up. And All the Ugly and Wonderful Things left me breathless as well. Some authors are just different, and Bryn Greenwood is one of them. Hope you’ll find a couple others to give a try. 😀

  1. Love forbidden romance reads!! Thanks for this list, I’ve read a few on here (Birthday Girl is among my faves of 2018!) Looking forward to to checking out more from this list 😁

  2. Wow! So many great ones we have in common like Scandalous, Bad Habit, Birthday Girl. I’ve made a list of your others to add to the TBR mountain.

  3. My favorites from this list are:
    On the Island,
    All the Ugly and Wonderful Things,
    Mr. President,
    and Damaged Like Us.

    Great list, I will need to check the others out.


  4. After the night is my ALL time favorite romance ever i reread it often i haven’t read a lot on this list but i think i will be taking notes and catching up on deliciousness

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