Favorite Kindle Unlimited Authors


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Favorite Kindle Unlimited Authors

Check out all these awesome authors that are available in KU RIGHT NOW!!!

Both, Tijuana and I have been Kindle Unlimited fans and users for years now. I sometimes take a break, but I always rejoice when favorite authors of ours put their newest and latest books into KU.

For only $9.99 a month you, the reader, has an unlimited supply of books. Unfortunately the KU library feels to me like the search for the proverbial needle in a haystack – at times impossible.

So I thought of making it easier on my fellow romance readers.

Here are the authors that are currently (JUNE 2019) available in KU. Please be aware, sometimes authors have only some of their catalog available in KU, other times all of it, and sometimes they leave KU altogether. It’s always changing.


Sara Ney

As of today Sara Ney’s entire catalog is available in KU. This author has been one of my all time favorite writer ever since I read The Studying Hours: How to Date a Douchebag late 2017. I love her wit and funny dialogues. Following her on social media is a blast. She is as funny in RL as she is on the pages of her novels.

Sara Ney’s  How to Date a Douchebag series as well as her spin off Jock Hard series are still my most favorite books by her.


The Studying Hours - Sara Ney

The Failing Hours - Sara Ney

Jock Row - Sara Ney

Jock Rule - Sara Ney


Jay McLean

Jay McLean’s books are emotional, raw and heart achingly true to themselves and I have read EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!!!! If you love incredibly spellbinding stories that are as authentic and realistic as life itself – you need to try her out ASAP!!!! Her entire collection is in KU and her More Than Series is the best way to start.



L.J Shen

L.J. Shen has been one of my favorite authors ever since reading Sparrow – I was blown away by her writing, storytelling and amazingly entertaining and HOT alpha jerks. She is an author that is on my VERY SHORT automatic one-click list and a MUST READ AUTHOR!!!

Her entire book collection is in KU and I highly recommend reading her hugely popular Sinners of Saint as well as my beloved Sparrow.

Vicious - L.J. Shen

Sparrow - L.J. Shen

The Kiss Thief - L.J. Shen


R.S. Grey

OMG!!!!! R.S. Grey wrote one of my all time favorite NA books SCORING WILDER!!! I adore this book and read it annually and whenever I’m in a reading slump. Seeing ALL OF HER BOOKS in KU makes me one happy camper!!!! She has so many wonderfully sweet sport romances, as well as second chance NA books that should be on everyone’s reading list. And I believe she is known nowadays as the queen of rom-com. If you need a funny and lighthearted read – check out her catalogue.

Scoring Wilder - R.S. Grey

The Beau & the Belle - R.S. Grey

NOT SO NICE GUY - R.S. Grey - Cover Reveal

Hotshot Doc - R.S. Grey


Alessandra Torre

Alessandra Torre is another one of my go-to authors that is incredibly versatile while writing unique and different stories, that captivate, enthrall and leave me wanting more. I was astonished to find that most of my favorite books like Love in Lingerie, Love, Chloe and Hollywood Dirt as well as her most twisted and hugely popular book Black Lies available in KU.

Love in Lingerie - Alessandra Torre

Tripping on a Halo - Alessandra Torre


Lucy Score

Lucy Score is a relatively new author to mine, but she wrote two books that made it into my 5 star category. After that she has certainly earned a spot on my auto-buy author list. Her The Worst Best Man of 2018 and just recently Rock Bottom Girl  – which will be on my best of 2019 list – have wowed me. She is a wonderful rom-com author – and especially since rom-com  isn’t my favorite genre, gettin her books on my favorite lists is nothing to sneeze at.

It looks like her entire catalog is available in KU.

Rock Bottom Girl - Lucy Score


Meagan Brandy

One of  my great new finds of 2019 was Boys of Brayshaw High  – I fell in love with the author’s writing and ended up reading a couple other books by her. She writes the young adult high school trope very well, lots of drama, emotions and angst. Perfect for anyone that enjoyed Erin Watt and Tijan.

Favorite Kindle Unlimited Authors

Mariana Zapata

OMG – favorite author alert!!!

What can I say about Mariana Zapata that hasn’t already been said – she is the queen of slow burn romances. Her novels Wait For It, The Wall of Winnipeg and Kulti have reached cult status for me. She has an amazing way of writing stories that touch me in a very grounded way. Maybe because her heroines are all down to earth, authentic and totally reliable – exactly as the author.

Wait for It - Mariana Zapata


Karla Sorensen

I fell in love with her sports romance The Bombshell Effect last year, and happily enjoyed the sequel The Ex Effect  soon afterwards. She is actually going to release the third novel in this series The Marriage Effect next week (June 12th). They are all marketed as standalone novels, but the heroes are all part of the same football team. If you love sports romances, I would recommend checking her out.

The Ex Effect - Karla Sorensen

the marriage effect



Aly Martinez

This author has written some amazing novels, her Darkest Sunset duet is my favorite of all. She blew me over with this skillfully crafted story. It was a true wowing kind of duet. But besides that, she writes many different genres, duets, standalones and longer series. I’m sure there is something for everyone.

The Darkest Sunrise - Aly Martinez

The Brightest Sunset - Aly Martinez

Fake Fiancée - Ilsa Madden-Mills

Written with Regret - Aly Martinez


Laura Thalassa

Wow, if you love fantasy with your romance she is your author!!!

PESTILENCE is the BEST book she has written so far, and I’m not the only one thinking this. She balances fantasy, romance, alpha hero and strong women very well. But she is also an author that writes a couple different series at the same time, so there is always a waiting period, but besides that she has a ton of books to start with.

Pestilence - Laura Thalassa


Whitney G.

Whitney G writes some of the best office and enemies to lovers romances available. Her style is witty and funny and makes me laugh out loud. Unfortunately my most favorite book by her TURBULENCE (now MR WESTON) is not available in KU, but there are still quite a few of her books to try with KU, before you start buying the rest.

Two Weeks Notice - Whitney G.



Jewel E Ann has become one of my auto-buy authors. Especially after reading Look The Part which easily became my most beloved novel to date. She writes witty and stunningly beautiful novels that make you cry. She is an author to watch and read and lucky you, half of her catalog is in KU, including my favorite book.

Look the Part - Jewel E. Ann

A Place Without You - Jewel E. Ann

ONE by Jewel E Ann


Charleigh Rose

Charleigh Rose has become someone that I love to recommend when a reader asks for books similar to LJ Shen. She excels in writing snarkily sarcastic heroines and broody, jerk/asshole heroes – and her books are always right up my alley. My favorite CR book is still Misbehaved and Bad Intentions – and both are available in KU.

Misbehaved - Charleigh Rose

Rewrite the Stars - Charleigh Rose

yard sale by Charleigh Rose


J M Darhower

What can I say, if you love mafia books you better click her titles. She writes amazingly dark, gritty and addicting stories. I’ve been waiting not so patiently for her next novel, and it’s a guaranteed pre-order. I’ll be dropping everything that day – that’s how great her stories are. My favorites are her standalone GHOSTED and the duet Menace and Grievous.

GHOSTED by JM Darhower

Monster in his eyes - by JM Darhower

Menace by JM Darhower

The Mad Tatter by JM Darhower


Ilsa Madden-Mills

I have read many of her older books, unfortunately, blame my enormous tbr, I haven’t read many of her latest releases but her books are very popular, and if you like NA, college, and sports romances, you should be reading her work.

Boyfriend Bargain - Ilsa Madden-Mills

I BET YOU - Ilsa Madden-Mills - Cover Reveal

Spider - Ilsa Madden-Mills

Fake Fiancée - Ilsa Madden-Mills

Favorite Kindle Unlimited Authors

T. S. Joyce

Here we come – TS JOYCE is pretty much the QUEEN of KU – she releases new work constantly and I can easily loose myself in a bingefest of epic proportions just by reading her entire catalog at once. Of course, that all depends on if you like shifter awesomeness.

Second of the Winterset Coven - T.S. Joyce


Brynne Asher

I fell in love with Brynne Asher’s GIFTS in 2017 and it’s one of my favorite 5 star recommendations. The author found a formula that works for her and her readers, and I must agree it hit me right where it counts. Her Alpha Males just work for me.

Gifts - Brynne Asher


Amy Harmon

Amy Harmon has been a favorite author ever since I devoured Making Faces. It looks like all of her catalog is in KU, since she is under contract with Amazon at the moment. The author started out with YA books and has branched out to fantasy and historical fiction. My favorites are below, but honestly, all of her books are MUST READs, her writing is just too good not to be read.


Additional KU Authors

Here are some additional authors that are currently in KU – but that I haven’t read enough to be able to recommend specific books. BUT they are all very well received, popular and were recommended to me numerous times.





PLEASE always remember that the books/authors I’ve mentioned above were in KU at the time I put this blog post together. Unfortunately authors have been known to switch out their KU catalog or entirely move off KU. It’s a never-ending fluctuation.


DISCLOSURE: Some of the links on this page are affiliated links, meaning at no additional cost to you, this page will earn a commission to help with keeping this page running if you click through and make a purchase.

Favorite Kindle Unlimited Authors

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