Fate’s Star by Elizabeth Vaughan

Five years before the events in Warprize and Destiny’s Star . . . .


Fate’s Star

by Elizabeth Vaughan

(Chronicles of the Warlands #0.5)

Kindle Edition, 470 pages
Expected publication: April 23rd 2019

Fate’s Star – Elizabeth Vaughan


Fate’s Star – Elizabeth Vaughan



Fate’s Star is a prequel to one of my all time favorite trilogies. Although it can be read as a standalone, I would actually suggest to read this book before starting the Warlands Series, because it has multiple scenes that lead to events in the future which will be part of the WarPrize trilogy and beyond. It’s a great introduction to the world of Palins.

Fate’s Star is a slow burn Fantasy Romance that was sweet but with almost 500 pages rather long too. Compared to its predecessor, its was lacking in action but made up with sweet glimpses into the daily life and interactions between the keep’s inhabitants. The friendships between Warna and the folk in Tassinic were heartwarming and a testament to the author’s quality of writing.

At this point, I can admit that I love the writing, style and stories this author brings forth.

She wrote a wonderful, sweet and lovable couple with Warna and Venice. Their love-story was truly beautiful and touching. I especially enjoyed Warna’s way of getting things done, and the way she stole Verice’s heart in the process. It was a slow process, but definitely enjoyable. And Verice’s was such a perfect picture of a Elven Lord. Noble, with typical Elven characteristics, but also soft hearted and genuinely interested in his people. The way he warmed up to Warna, and gradually was taken over by her charm and his feelings for her was heart-warming.

Even though I rather enjoyed this novel, I wasn’t wowed by it. Compared to the author’s earlier work, Fate’s Star was the sweeter version of anything she wrote so far. Both, Warna and Venice, were more understated in their personalities, less vibrant and in your face domineering and assertive as Keir and less captivating as Lara. Their love-story was less epic, actually the entire story was more sweet than profound and enthralling.

I must admit, although I’m a huge fan of the author’s writing, I would have liked the book to be a standalone, without any links to the other books in this series. A standalone in the same world, but without all the foreshadowing. Or I would have liked to read it before I ever read any of the other books in this series.

It’s like going back in time, to an era that has already passed. And because of it prequels are not very interesting to me. And I don’t really understand why we need them, since I already know how the big story arc ends.

Nevertheless Fate’s Star was an enjoyable read, it was just a bit underwhelming compared to WarPrize, but honestly there isn’t much that can actually compare with it – lol.

Fate’s Star – Elizabeth Vaughan

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Fate’s Star – Elizabeth Vaughan


WarDance - Elizabeth VaughanFive years before the events in Warprize and Destiny’s Star…

Her family dead, her home destroyed, all she has left are her wits and her songs…

When the flames of civil war rage across the Kingdom of Palins, Warna of Farentell has no choice but to flee to the neighboring Barony of Tassinic. The daughter of a wealthy merchant, raised to run a noble house in the hope of a good marriage, she watches her future burn with the rest of her homeland.

Elven Lord of a human Barony, betrayed and attacked by those he thought to trust…

Verice of Tassinic has suffered the wounds of war, knowing loss and betrayal at the hands of those he trusted most. He buries himself in work and duty, behind emotional walls as high as those of his castle, rather than risk more pain. While dealing with a kingdom in political and economic turmoil, he “rescues” Warna only to discover that the helpless human woman is anything but. Before he knows it, she is deep within the defenses of his heart, forcing him to confront his grief, his distrust, and the scars of his past…and maybe even steal his heart in the process.


Elizabeth A. Vaughan is the author of the Chronicles of the Warlands, a fantasy romance trilogy from Tor Books: Warprize (her first novel), Warsworn, and Warlord..

She’s always loved fantasy and science fiction, and has been a fantasy role-player since 1981. By day, Beth’s secret identity is that of a lawyer, practicing in the area of bankruptcy and financial matters, a role she has maintained since 1985.

Beth is owned by three cats, and lives in the Northwest Territory, on the outskirts of the Black Swamp, along Mad Anthony’s Trail on the banks of the Maumee River.




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Fate’s Star – Elizabeth Vaughan

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