Even Money (All In Duet #1) by Alessandra Torre

IT’S LIVE!!!!!!!

OMG – what an ending. This book had me on the edge of my seat until the very end. I CAN NOT wait to read book two. With one word – WOW!!!!!!

Even Money – Alessandra Torre


Even Money – Alessandra Torre


Even Money

by Alessandra Torre

(All In Duet #1)

Expected publication: June 4th 2018

Even Money – Alessandra Torre


Even Money – Alessandra Torre



I was again in a book funk – as I am so often lately, and just started an old favorite of mine when Even Money landed on my kindle. I’m not exaggerating when I say I dropped everything, actually threw the book across the room to pick up my kindle.

And boy, was I right!!!


Guys, the ending is OMG – what a twist and WOW I can’t believe she did that!!!!

I thought I knew early on what was going on. Yeah, was I WRONG!!! Honestly I shouldn’t have doubted Alessandra Torre. After Black Lies, I better believe she can write one hell of a book, with an epic cliffhanger that had me gasping for breath.

From the very beginning, after reading the blurb I knew I would love this book. Hello!!!!!! Vegas, casinos, rich dudes, and a casino owner and a waitress – YES!!! That’s my kind of jam.

The couple fell definitely into the category of  insta LUST – but it was very well done. On top of that the backstory was complex, emotional and gripping. Like I said, I was hanging on every word. Predicting the ending WRONGLY  just delivered an even bigger WOW effect. Even Money had the best OMG ending I read in a long time.

Besides this AMAZING ENDING 😀 the couple had  fantastic chemistry and their sexual attraction literally sizzled, and had me all hot and bothered. In typical AT fashion, the author spun a tale as fascinating as it was entertaining. She had me rooting for both sides, deeply sympathizing and hoping for a happy ending for everyone. The connection between the couple was STRONG, genuine, and even though it was fast and explosive, it fit the storyline.

The entire book was a fast read. I devoured this quick and deliciously sexy read and now I’m WAITING!!!!!!
W A I T I N G !!!!!!!!
Good thing – book two is being released this month. Otherwise I would be knocking on someone’s door!!!


Double Down (All In Duet #2) by Alessandra Torre

Even Money – Alessandra Torre


Sometimes it only takes a minute. A connection of eyes across a room, a quickened heartbeat, and everything changes.

I was a cocktail waitress with a fondness for partying and meaningless sex.
He owned half of Vegas, with the reputation to match.

I should have turned away. Instead, I stepped closer.

Then, the lies started.
Rumors spread.
Stalking commenced.
And someone died.

None of it stopped me from falling in love.

*This is book 1 in a duet. The second book, Double Down, will release on June 18th or 25th.*


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Alessandra Torre is an award-winning New York Times bestselling author of fifteen novels. Torre has been featured in such publications as Elle and Elle UK, as well as guest blogged for the Huffington Post and RT Book Reviews. She is also the Bedroom Blogger for Cosmopolitan.com. In addition to writing, Alessandra is the creator of Alessandra Torre Ink, a website, community, and online school for aspiring authors.


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Even Money – Alessandra Torre

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2 thoughts on “Even Money (All In Duet #1) by Alessandra Torre

  1. Aaaand you’ve got me panting to read this. I think I’m gonna wait for the duet to be completed before starting, because I’m a wuss.😂

    1. I would have suggested the same:D the second book is being released this month, so the wait is really not that bad. You’ll be able to enjoy them back to back. YAY!!!

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