Book Review – Dragons of Wild (Dragon’s Breath Trilogy Book 1) by Ava Richardson

3.5 stars

Dragons of Wild is my first book by Ava Richardson.

It’s a wonderful tale about dragons, magic and finding yourself. Adventure, betrayal, friendship, and self discovery. Who wouldn’t want to live in a time where dragons were free and roaming the world. Except if it’s forbidden by death to talk about them or show an inkling of dragon magic. Saffron, the female main characters, grew up with dragons, and can speak to them. She even bonded with her den-sister, a dragon. Saffron’s magic becomes unpredictable and she and her dragon Jaydra leave the den to find Saffron’s human parents. Soon after that they meet up with a scholar named Bower. Together friendships will be tested. And the quest for survival begins.

Ever since Avatar, anything about dragon are on my must read list. The thought of flying such creatures has become quite fascinating. I’m not saying Saffron’s Jaydra was anything like the flying creatures in Avatar, but alone the similarity counts.

This book was well paced. And a good amount of tension and conflict helped the book along. Some editing would help the overall smoothness. But that can be fixed easily. The world building was thought through and dynamic. It was overall very well written, wonderfully detailed, and descriptive. I could see lots of great potential, the book just needed an editor to polish it a bit.


**I received this book for free from the publisher or author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.**


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