Dirty Deeds – Stella Rhys

Dirty Deeds – Stella Rhys

Growing up, we hated each other.
Now, we’re f**kin’ roommates for the summer.



Dirty Deeds

by Stella Rhys


An Irresistible Series Standalone

Kindle Edition, 299 pages
Release Date: December 17, 2017




Dirty Deeds – Stella Rhys


“As fas as I was concerned, we had always been a love-hate kind of thing.”

Here I sit, again, in love with a fictional character! Emmett is mine, ladies! I’ve claimed him. And don’t even get me started on this beautiful cover! It’s PERFECTION!

Dirty Deeds is exactly what I wanted and needed at the time. Stella Rhys does steamy so well and what makes this read even better is the backstory for both characters. It really helped to cement their bond and my love for them. Plus there’s something for everyone. If you love enemies to lover, friends to lovers, second chance, or just a great steamy read, this one is for YOU!

Where this book really excels is the shared history these two have in common. Emmett and Aly have very strong ties to one another. There’s so much more between them than just a mutual attraction. They truly know and understand one another.

The story is amazing. The characters are great. And, there attraction is smoldering!

It was so great to see these characters through each other’s eyes and their beliefs of what actually occurred between them in the past. I particularly loved Emmett’s determination and feelings for Aly.

“…since losing her the first time was hard enough, there was no way in hell I was letting it happen again.”

Gah! I adore him.

Another amazing read from Stella Rhys! I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.
I enjoyed it immensely and cannot wait for more! Recommended.


4.25 Star

Dirty Deeds – Stella Rhys


Growing up, we hated each other.
Now, we’re f**kin’ roommates for the summer.


It’s been twelve years since I’ve seen him, but loathing Emmett Hoult still runs in my blood. Thanks to the hell he wreaked on my teenaged life, I’ve avoided the prick like the plague. But desperate times call for desperate measures, and after a fire destroys my apartment during the most important week of my life, I’m suddenly as desperate as they come.
Hence the roommate situation.
It’s his summer home. His family said he wouldn’t be around. They said I’d never run into him.
But oh, did I run into Emmett Hoult.
And in the worst way possible.


I didn’t expect to see her ever again, let alone in my house.
Wearing practically nothing.
But now that she’s back in my life, I’m not screwing things up. She still hates me – I know that – but it won’t stop me from chasing the only two goals I’ve made for this summer:
Making things right.
And making her mine.

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Stella Rhys is an author of contemporary romance and can’t help but write it hot, steamy and borderline filthy (just kidding, it’s just flat-out filthy). Writing aside, she lives for coffee, the Knicks, the Yankees and cooking recipes way out of her league. She was born and raised in New York and now lives there with her husband and charmingly entitled fur babies.

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Dirty Deeds – Stella Rhys

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