December Book Challenge – Day 5


This challenge was created by @AnnReads for Bookstagram



Day 5: Favorite Book Cover of 2016


That’s not an easy task. Book covers are not really something I pay attention to. But these two caught my eye in different ways. I love string lights, my Pinterest boards are filled with them. So, Menagerie, really stood out with a simple design, and the string lights on top. Beard Science deserves a spot as well for it’s unique needlework. Nowadays, almost all romance covers have hot, bare chested guys on it. Which is getting a little old. On Instagram, many book related accounts are about YA books. And those YA books have the most gorgeous covers. I don’t understand why YA covers are so gorgeous, and regular romance books have stock photos on the cover. But that’s just me. Sigh.




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