Consumed (Firefighters #1) by J.R. Ward

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the popular Black Dagger Brotherhood series comes a brand-new novel about arson investigator, Anne Ashburn, who is consumed by her troubled past, her family’s scorched legacy, and her current case: chasing a deadly killer.

Consumed – J.R. Ward


Consumed – J.R. Ward



by J.R. Ward

(Firefighters Series)

Paperback, 416 pages
Expected publication: October 2nd 2018

Consumed – J.R. Ward




When I picked up Consumed, all I really knew was that it was written by JR Ward. And honestly that’s all that mattered. Especially after loving her Bourbon Kings trilogy.

And as I suspected, Consumed was a superbly written story that was captivating as well as emotionally wrecking, and it was filled with charismatic characters that left me wanting more.

Color me shocked when the author opened the book with one big BOOM. I admire her for not holding any punches. In fact multiple times I caught myself sitting with my mouth wide open not believing what I was reading. Ultimately that opening scene wasn’t the only one that gave me a sense that this series will touch non charted territory. Throughout the book, there were quite a few scenes and sub plots that left me reeling. The straight forward approach to topics that are often avoided was refreshing and fascinating. For this reason the story felt honest, raw, and authentic. All in all this story felt REAL.

As a result it took me quite a while to get into the book.

The story is told from multiple POVs, and at the beginning I was plainly overwhelmed by them. But at the end they all made sense and added to the rich and overall deeply layered plot.

Speaking of plot, the mystery on it’s own was superbly crafted. The author kept me guessing, and the last twist came out of the blue and side swept me with a big wallop. It was very well done!!!

The feeling that these fire crews were one big family was palpable. It was easy to imagine it. Their camaraderie, loyalty, love and fierce allegiance to each other is what made it so hard to for me to say goodbye at the end of the book. I wanted the story to go on. I had so many more questions, and I really hope I’ll see certain characters again.

Consumed didn’t feel like the author’s Bourbon Kings, which I adored and devoured. But at the end of the book the author had me hooked. It might have taken me longer to get invested, and connected to the story and characters, but the only thing that matters is that I’m looking forward to the next book. As I said I wasn’t done with this crew, and I hope the author isn’t either.


Anne Ashburn is a woman consumed…

By her bitter family legacy, by her scorched career as a firefighter, by her obsession with department bad-boy Danny McGuire, and by a new case that pits her against a fiery killer.

Strong-willed Anne was fearless and loved the thrill of fighting fires, pushing herself to be the best. But when one risky decision at a warehouse fire changes her life forever, Anne must reinvent not only her job, but her whole self.

Shattered and demoralized, Anne finds her new career as an arson investigator a pale substitute for the adrenaline-fueled life she left behind. She doesn’t believe she will ever feel that same all-consuming passion for her job again–until she encounters a string of suspicious fires setting her beloved city ablaze.

Danny McGuire is a premiere fireman, best in the county, but in the midst of a personal meltdown. Danny is taking risks like never before and seems to have a death wish until he teams up with Anne to find the fire starter. But Danny may be more than a distraction, and as Anne narrows in on her target, the arsonist begins to target her.

From the creator of the bestselling Black Dagger Brotherhood, get ready for a new band of brothers. And a firestorm.

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J.R. Ward is the number one New York Times bestselling author of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series of vampire books. She is a winner of the prestigious Romance Writers of America RITA award for Best Paranormal Romance and is a multiple RITA nominee. A graduate of Smith College, she was a double major in History and Art History with a medieval concentration in both and she still longs at times for a return to those days sitting in dark lecture halls, looking at slides of old triptychs and reliquaries. Prior to becoming a full time writer, she was a corporate attorney, serving for many years as the Chief of Staff of one of Harvard Medical Schools premier teaching sites. Her idea of absolute heaven is a day filled with nothing but her computer, her dog and her coffee pot and the Brothers, of course.


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Consumed – J.R. Ward

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    1. Thank you so much 😊 When I got and read the ARC i didn’t know anything about a prequel – lol!!! So I went into the book without it….

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