Books on my TBR…

Books on my TBR…


What’s on my TBR…


Books I’m going to read next …


Books on my TBR…

With my holiday break around the corner I made a LIST of all the books I want to read on my break. I’m not going to stress, but I thought a list will keep it all in perspective AND maybe will act as a reminder and guidance. I can be a squirrel at times. Sometimes I just need a reminder of the books I’ve been keeping on my tbr for just such an occasion.

If you have any 5 star books in 2017 that you think I NEED to read please let me know in the comments. There is nothing like too many books. 😀

So here we have all the books I’m going to read next …

I’m finally going to jump heads first into this trilogy and hope I’ll survive Mount.



Here are some of the audiobooks that have been waiting on my shelf.

Oathbringer alone is 55 hours long – lol – I might just have to put that one off, otherwise I’ll be spending 5 days non-stop listening to this book. Besides, there are so many other books just waiting to be explored.



I’m nervous about this one if I’m honest. 

Another trilogy that I have on my tbr and hope it will be as awesome as hyped. TJ calls it one of the best romance trilogy EVER!!!


And of course at least one KA book has to be on my tbr.









And here is my KU blacklog.

Most of these have been recommendations from other bloggers. KU is my guilty pleasure, I can DNF without feeling bad. Nevertheless I’m really looking forward to just seeing what works and what doesn’t. In essence KU has been my source for new authors to try out. In fact I’ve found my last 5 star book because of KU. So, to sum it up I can’t wait to give these recs a try.

Books I’m going to read next

And last but not least a few ARCs that need to be finished …

While I have all the other books on my mind, these two reviews are going to be the beginning of something NEW. I’m looking forward to this new endeavor starting January, and can’t wait to see how it will impact my review writing.


As can be seen my list is quite complex. So, what are the chances that I can get to all of these in two weeks time?????????

As much as I might like to think I can read non-stop – reality is quite contrary. Regardless, I’ll try my best. 😀

Books on my TBR


Books on my TBR

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20 thoughts on “Books on my TBR…

  1. I admire your commitment. I only really commit to a weekly TBR. My moods play such a huge role in my reading. I will say that I loved Upside. Albertalli is so good at crafting characters! I would like to read Hating You Dating You too. I like Christina Lauren and want to read more of their books.

    1. I’m usual not a tbr person at all. Books arrive on my kindle and I’ll get to them according to ARC position, mood or timeline. But I delayed a few books lately because I knew I wanted to read them when I had days off and could read all day if I wanted.

      After reading and loving Simon I HAD to read Upside. I loved her writing so much, SO MUCH!!!!! There is just no way that I won’t love Upside.

      I read two of Christina Lauren’s book within a few weeks or so, and I really enjoyed what I read. TJ dnfed Hating You Dating You, so I’ll see how it works for me. It’s ok if not every books turns out to be a hit, I love their writing and research – sooner or later there will be another hit. 😀

  2. Yay…just love your list here. I am also pretty nervous about the American Prince trilogy as well and I am relieved that I am not the only one who feels this one but I do plan on reading this in 2018. Have you read Lisa Kleypas yet? She mostly writes historical’s but has a couple Contemporary series you would really enjoy!!!

    1. OMG – Lisa Kleypas the QUEEN of historicals – Yep I read them all and Sugar Daddy and Blue Eyed Devil were absolutely AMAZING!!! I’m missing those books. She went back to writing historicals, but those contemporary books were just stunning!!!

      Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope the New Camelot trilogy will leave us utterly amazed. 😀

  3. That is one awesome list! I loved The Mount Trilogy as well as The New Camelot one. The New Camelot Series is a bit different from my normal reads, but the writing is just so amazing. I think I devoured all three books in a weekend. I hope you enjoy them and I look forward to hearing what you think!

    1. This is what I hope will happen – all three books back to back – and I’ll be left amazed and utterly astonished. I’m crossing my fingers. 😀

    1. Simon was adorable as an audiobook. From the very first sentence he uttered I was enchanted. I hope for the same with Upside. 😀

    1. Thank you 🙂 I haven’t done a readathon yet. I don’t usually need incentive to read non-stop. But having a list and seeing the books will remind me of the books I want to read. 😉

  4. I’ve been hearing great things about The Hookup by Kristen Ashley! Also, the cover for Always by Bethany-Kris is drawing me in. I’ll have to add some of these to my long TBR list!

    1. I’m looking forward to The Hookup – we’ll see how it goes – apparently there are some bad reviews out there too. I hope it’s a KA classic.

  5. Yay, for The Hookup. It’s awesome. You’re gonna love it. I’ll add ‘El Diablo’ by M. Robinson. It’s a dark romance and oh SO good. My recent 5 star. Happy reading, my friend. Enjoy your holiday. ❤️😁

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