Books I’m going to read next …


2017 Books I’m going to read next …Wrap Up

Books I’m going to read next …




Like my blog buddy, I’ve been off for holiday break and decided to focus on my Holiday TBR.  I’m sad to report that I’m already off to a rocky start, but I’ll see if I can turn things around this last week that I’m on vacation.

So here we have all the books I’m going to read next …

I decided to separate my vacation TBR into sections.  I wanted to focus on books that have been on my TBR for a long time, that I’ve been dying to read, but never got around too, favorite KU authors to reacquaint myself with, past due Netgalley books, and finally recommendations or hot new releases.


So, up first, my “never got around to them books”:

The VIP series by Kristen Callihan – Idol and VIP 


Up next are my KU favorites and backlog.

Here’s a little secret… I’m a shifter slut. I absolutely love PNR. Shifters, Vampires, and Dragons, are my favorites.  I particularly enjoy a couple series featured in Kindle Unlimited by T.S. Joyce. Once my TBR and ARC addiction spiraled out of control, I fell behind on the series, so I’m hoping to catch up soon.

Kane’s mountains books


And also from my NetGalley shelf Lure of Oblivion


Speaking of which, here are a couple of my upcoming Netgalley reads:


And now for the recommendations that I’d love to read right away:


Finally my ARCs and absolute MUST reads while I’m on Vacay.




And no list is complete with a Kristen Ashley read!


Books I’m going to read next …


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5 thoughts on “Books I’m going to read next …

  1. I just adore you list here!!! And you are in for some fun times with these. I have read Idol and Managed and both are superb and you will love them. Lure of Oblivion is pretty great and I love this world that Suzanne Wright has created. Both in print and audio formats are fantastic. I also am a shifter “slut” hehe there is just something so edgy and raw and thrilling about them so I will need to check out that KU author. And you will really enjoy Rocco, its a bit darker than the first two books but really really good!!! And I plan on reading Hookup tomorrow so I can start off the year with a bang. !!!

    1. Wow! We have so many in common. That’s so exciting. I’m reading Rocco now and really enjoying it! Suzanne Wright is amazing. I love her books so much! I should be so ashamed that I haven’t read the VIP series 🤦🏽‍♀️
      I hope you LOVE The Hookup. It’s KA so I’m sure we both will. ❤️

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