My Bookish Travels – Book Signing in Los Angeles

Hello everyone,

Book Signing in Los Angeles

Last weekend I went to a book signing in Los Angeles, more precisely to the Authors in the OC book signing in Anaheim. While there I had the best of times and the line-up was INSANE!!!

Although I was lucky enough to score a VIP ticket after they were sold out, I honestly have to say I wouldn’t have been able to see everyone without the extra VIP hour.  Spending the additional money was the best decision I could have made. Even though the venue was fantastic, spacious, and the location of the hotel right next to the freeway couldn’t have been more convenient, the lines for the most popular authors took longer than expected. And I was told that there are other author signing events that are even crazier. Nevertheless Authors in the OC was truly one of the best book signings I visited so far.

All things considered I was able to see and talk to all of the authors on my list. Here is the line up – I had 14 authors to meet and chat with:

Cora Carmack, Celia Aaron, Jennifer L. Armentrout, Jay Crownover, Amy Daws, Melanie Harlow, Cambria Hebert, R.K. Lilley, Raine Miller, Sara Ney, Kennedy Ryan, Meghan Quinn, Leisa Rayven, Sierra Simone – like I said INSANE!!!! I fangirled so much. ♡♡


The Ripped Bodice

The next day we went to visit the ONLY romance bookstore in the United States.

The Ripped Bodice in Culver City dedicates their entire storefront to romance books of all genres. They had an amazing selection of new releases, indies, as well as used romance books.

Here are a few of my pics to give you an idea of what to expect.

I could have easily spent an entire day browsing their shelfs. Furthermore I would have loved sitting down to read, maybe even to have a sleepover.:D

If you ever are in the area, go and visit. Theses little stores need our support.

Honestly, I think the owners of the store have the BEST job ever!!! What do you think?




What do you think of the storefront?

I love the gold font!!!

And I think the ghosts are adorable!!




The Paranormal section was GORGEOUS!!!!

It was all dark red, and black. The seats/benches were built on top of rows of books.

I felt like being surrounded by books wherever I looked.




I absolutely ADORED this wall!!!

What an amazing idea and stunningly executed. I wish I could have a wall like this in my place.




And OMG don’t get me started on this floating book installation.

It could have easily been in a museum – I was WOWed from the very first moment I laid eyes on it.




Look at these page wrapped shelfs.

WOWZER!!! I loved it!!!




And how about these gorgeous chairs!!!




I would have loved going hunting for some of these furniture pieces.

They were all so cozy and but also so very romantic at the same time.

It added flair to the store, invited to sit and read, but also underlined the genre that this store was selling.




Of course I bought a book. 😀

Not only to support but also because I absolutely ADORED this novel.

It was a 5 star review for me, and I would recommend it to anyone.

















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11 thoughts on “My Bookish Travels – Book Signing in Los Angeles

  1. What a great event! I would have been in the lines for JLA and Cora Carmack, for sure, even though I’ve met them before. JLA is one of my favorites and I tend to travel all over to see her. LOL I’ve met Rebecca Donovan once and she was sooo sweet (and so pretty!). Good thing you had the VIP ticket!

    That bookstore in awesome! I would love to visit that one. Too bad it’s clear across the country from me! 🙂

    1. Tanya, will you be at Apollycon? JLA had the model from her TITAN series with, what a cutie, even though he is now 5 years older and has a beard.;-)

      I adore VIP tickets. Wish every event has them.

      Put the bookstore on your bucket list for when you are on the west coast. You never know.;-)

      1. I would love to but I don’t think it’s going to happen next year. D.C. is just too far to go. I went last year when it was in Savannah (waaay closer!) and had a blast. Met Jennifer and Drew and Pepe (Pepe aka Daemon Black happens to my my favorite book boyfriend ever so that was quite the highlight LOL). Pepe signed all my Lux books and we took photos so at least I can reminisce about that. 🙂

        1. I didn’t know that Apollycon moved. I thought it’s always in DC. I totally understand that traveling such long distances can be a pain in the butt as well as a question of budgeting. Did you hear about her second event in Austin TX?

      2. Yep, I think it moves every year. Last year it was in Savannah, this year in Orlando, next year in D.C. Last year Jennifer had both Drew (Seth) and Pepe (Daemon) with her and I could hardly contain myself. LOL At the time I still hadn’t read the Covenant books and I was like whatever Drew but I was all about Pepe Toth. My husband was wearing a shirt that said Book Bodyguard and when Pepe signed one of my Lux books he added “Let me know if you need a new bodyguard.” I think I melted on the spot. Ha!

        1. lol – that’s too funny!!!! It will be interesting to see where it will end up in 2019. We might still be able meet up at one of those events. 😀

    1. lol – I thought the same. Think about how a science fiction or fantasy store could look like.:D ♡♡♡ All the props and geekiness.

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