Book Review – Wound Tight (Made in Jersey #4) by Tessa Bailey

OMG  I’m in love with this book!!!!

4.5 stars

The sexual tension was INSANE.  Renner and Milo were scorching hot together.

Wound Tight was the 4th book in  (Made in Jersey #4) by Tessa Bailey.  I utterly adored Worked UP (Made in Jersey #3), and was very much intrigued about Renner and Milo’s fabulous chemistry, so getting this ARC was a wish come true. 

And wow, Tessa Bailey did more than deliver.  She hit it out of the ballpark with this one.

Renner Bastion was the ultimate successful, suit wearing business man.  He liked to be in charge, inside as well as outside the office.  He was also very comfortable in being a gay man.  Renner liked his sexual encounters clear defined.  He would meet at a designated meeting place, with clear boundaries all around, mostly with other like minded business men, that knew nothing would come of it.  He definitly was the epitome of an alpha male.  He was a little older than Milo, and thoroughly confident in being a full-booded gay man.  A badass, that didn’t care at all what other people thought of him.

Milo Bautista, was a tattooed, and gorgeous hunk of a man.  He had a budding interest in a former male acquaintance and looked up to Renner to figure out how to be comfortable in his own skin.  Even so Milo was an alpha in his own right, accepting the attraction that he felt towards men was new to him and coming out was a rather taunting experience.  Although there was an intense attraction between Milo and Renner from the very beginning, neither thought anything could come from it.

What I liked the most about Milo was his raw honesty.  It was beautiful and refreshing all in one.  And it surprised the heck out of Renner.

“If we’re talking about things we want, I wish we were back in the club.” Until the words came out of his mouth, Milo hadn’t even been aware of their existence. “You got weird on me during the ride over. And now I’m getting weird on you because this place is like a fucking palace.” Milo shook his head and laughed a little. “I just want us back kissing in that club.”

On the other hand Milo was surprised by finding out he really liked the ‘Boss’ side of Renner.  The commanding, and dominating factory owner was a real turn on for Milo.  He liked to submit to a certain point, especially in bed.  Both men never really talked about it, it just naturally developed.

Pulse chugging in his temples, Milo spread a hand over Renner’s belly and traced it up beneath the shirt, amazed when Renner hissed a breath. “I want to taste you. Here.” “Do it before I change my mind.”

Renner had the most fabulous dry humor.  He also was a little aloof, worked long hours, dedicated to his businesses, and never really stopped or slowed down.  Milo just complimented him in the best way.  Milo was the opposite of Renner, funny, smart mouthed, liked by everyone, but also pushy when needed.  He loved to take care of Renner.  Milo had this heart warming, nurturing side hidden in an ex military body.

There was this AMAZING scene in the dressing room.  I just melted away.  The chemistry between Milo and Renner was off the charts hot.

“You know, the way you’re showing me the ropes like this? It qualifies you for the Mr. Miyagi nickname.” “Jesus, Bautista. Do I need to take the shirt off for you?” Their gazes zeroed in on each other in the mirror. “Do you want to?” Silence passed by, loping and heavy. “Get it off.”

I couldn’t have asked for a better book for Milo and Renner.  Tessa Bailey did one fabulous job.  I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough, and I had a smile on my face the entire time.  I must say, Milo and Renner might be my most favorite couple yet.


A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review.






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