Book Review – Wanting My Stepsister by Alexa Riley

4 stars

I’ve seen Alexa Riley books all over Goodreads, but haven’t really had the urge to read one. Her books are all much shorter than I’m used to. And some novella’s are just to rushed for my taste.

But Wanting My Stepsister changed all that.

As so many patch-work families nowadays, single parents need a HEA. And they deserve one. In Jasper and Libbies case, their parents found each other when Libby was already a teenager. Thirteen year old Libby was of an age when first impressions were lasting. And Jasper made one hell of an impressions on her.

For Jasper it was love at first sight. With sixteen he was quite shocked to get a sister so late in live. Libby immediately followed Jasper around wherever he went. The devotion that started it all grew exponentially bigger with age. Teenage infatuation turned into full on love for both of them.

Jasper fought it until his father played devil advocate and put a certain notion in his head that his sister was suddenly dating. That sped certain things up quickly. Jasper’s reluctance and worries were pushed away by the need to finally claim Libby for himself.

Both Libby and Jasper were innocent. They never really acted on their feelings until then, always  fearing repercussion and disgust from family and others.

But in the end, it was just two people in love.


I love a good TABOO novel. The forbidden is always so enticing. Wanting My Stepsister was a sexy novella about two step-siblings finding love. It’s was sweet and steamy at times. Innocent but also passionate. I loved the combination and really enjoyed the book. I didn’t feel as if it was too rushed. And it always helps if the characters already know each others.




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