Book Review – Trust (Wrong #3) by Jana Aston

4 stars


I finally came to my end of the Jana Aston binge reading.  What an amazing reading adventure.  How often did I lament to myself and friends about not finding any new authors lately that I come to love.  That streak has officially ended – YAY.

What made this binge reading adventure so unique was that Jana Aston has managed to write very different heroines so far.  Very unique personalities.  But I would say Chloe was by far the most complex of all.  She was quieter, more reserved and always thinking.  She had real anxieties, panic attacks, and her inner monologues were so very real and on point.  The most endearing trait was when she got nervous she started telling jokes.

“Knock, knock, Boyd.””Who’s there, Chloe?” He looks amused, and hotter than should be legal as he undoes his tie. “One bed! One bed is here, that’s who.”

“Hey, do you know why Adele crossed the road?” “Nope.” “To say hello from the other side.”

She loved to binge watch Criminal Minds, and developed a real fascination for everything Feds related.

“The nerd?” “He’s a genius, Boyd. And he’s so cute.” She’s smiling. “Fictional, Chloe. Fictional genius. No one has an IQ that high in real life.” Fine. I’ve seen a few episodes. At least that fictional fucker never gets the girl. “Hey, can I see your badge?” Yeah, definite agent kink…

Boyd Gallagher, a federal agent, was confident, patient and very much interested in Chloe longterm.  He really understood her.  Her anxieties, her nervousness, and her thought process.

“Knock, knock.” “Why are you nervous?” She only whips out the jokes when she’s nervous. “I don’t know.” She shrugs. “This is weird.” “What’s weird?” “Um…”

He also gave her space when she needed it.  And provided amble opportunity for her to get to know him without letting her overanalyze everything.

Sex isn’t her hangup. I didn’t fool myself into thinking if I got her into bed last weekend that all of her anxieties would just cease. I know it doesn’t work like that.
This girl is a mess of conflicting emotions, but good things come to those who wait. And Chloe is a good thing. A forever kind of thing.

Boyd turned out to be exactly what Chloe needed.  Someone that pushes her a bit our of her comfort zone, but also made it fun and nonthreatening.

He’s practically perfect in every way. Like Mary Poppins. If Mary Poppins was an attractive thirty-two-year-old man with magic sex skills and an interest in me.

I really loved their interactions.  Boyd was pretty smitten with Chloe from the very beginning but Chloe a little clueless enjoyed their time together, as nothing more than Chloe-and-Boyding – friends having a good time.  Boyd the sneaky one, had other plans.
Trust was a captivating and solid performance by Jana Aston.  She created some of the most hilarious and wonderful characters so far.  Her dialogues were witty, sassy and funny.  There wasn’t much I didn’t enjoy in any of her books.  She’ll definitely be put on my auto-buy list.

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5 thoughts on “Book Review – Trust (Wrong #3) by Jana Aston

      1. No, I haven’t. Do you think I should start from book #1 or can I plunge right in with Wrong? Does it take something away from the narration if I skip the others?

        1. You will miss out on some of the interaction between the girl friends. But not too much backstory. Trust is not overly entwined with the other books. Although you will miss out on a couple Criminal Minds scenes in book #2.:-)

          1. Dammit, that TV show is my week spot. I think I’ll start with Wrong and backpedal through series if I find myself liking it.
            Thanks a lot for the info! It always gives me a thrill when I read enthusiast reviews about series I didn’t even know existed. I’m like Alice stumbling into the rabbit hole.

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