Book Review – The Man I Love (The Fish Tales #1) by Suanne Laqueur

4 stars

What an emotional and heart-wrenching story.


The Man I Love by Suanne Laqueur was my first book by this author and I immediately had the feeling that this book would be very different.

Straightaway I noticed that Suanne Laqueur had an unique and amazing voice. Her writing ensnared me from the very first page. It was almost lyrical and poetic at times. The author was a master at writing down-to-earth characters that were complex and layered in the most riveting ways. I was swept up by the story, sucked in by the different personalities, and stepped into a world of theatre and ballet that I’ve never experienced before.

The way Art was portrayed on stage and behind was truly fascinating. The work that went on behind the curtain, was as captivating as the dancers themselves.

Erik “Fish” Fiskare a young stagehand and Daisy Bianco a very talented ballet dancer, experienced a love story of epic proportions. Their story touched my heart in the most intense way. It was almost like being broken apart in a thousand pieces and build back up, the same but also different.

Erik and Daisy found each other early on. The first time they laid eyes on each other they knew they belonged together. With their friends they made up this tightly connected patch-work family that somehow survived the worst kind of tragedy.

Ultimately Eric and Daisy were ripped apart in the most heart-wrenching way. From the outside as well as from the inside. Shattered and changed they were plagued by the most terrifying nightmares. Good intentions were swept away and replaced by an allconsuming need to feel. Where there was light, now reigned darkness. Love was overpowered by pain. And decisions were made in anger and pain.

Years went by. Eric and Daisy survived, but left crucial parts behind. Only together they could achieve a level of happiness that both needed so badly. Forgiveness and healing was finally within reach.


Reading The Man I Love was a definite step out of my comfort zone for me. I don’t do emotional reads. On the other hand, the quality of writing was outstanding and worthy of my time. The book sucked me in and never let go. I couldn’t put it down, and I tried. Suanne Laqueur had the remarkable ability to write scenes that felt real, honest, and alive. It was a spectacular book.


ARC generously provided to me by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.



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    1. Thank you!! I had such a hard time;-( I’m just not build for those emotional books. I need a funny read now to get me out of this funk.;-)

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