Book Review – The Knocked Plan by Lauren Blakely

Just when I think I can’t possibly love her words any more, Lauren Blakely releases her BEST BOOK YET !! I’ll try, but possibly fail to tell you how amazing The Knocked Plan is. It’s everything I’ve come to expect from this amazing author and more!

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Here’s the breakdown: Nicole Roberts is a sassy, but single professional woman. Ironically, she’s a dating columnist who’s never been in love. Despite that little setback, she hears her biological clock ticking double time and sets out on plan to have the baby she desperately wants. The catch? The man she wants to father her baby is her coworker.

What I LOVED: Everything is probably to broad an answer, right? But it so true!!


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The writing is flawless.
The plot and execution is spectacular.
The main and secondary characters are exceptional.
The character/relationship development flows perfectly.
The conflict and resolution are brilliantly delivered.
You guys get the picture, right? 😉 The book is amazing.

So, let’s talk about some of the little things I adored. This book confirmed a few very important things for me:

  1. Cupcakes really are everything, but the frosty is the best part!
  2. Getting pregnant is so much fun; being pregnant…not so much in the first trimester. At least, that was the case with the 2 Rosemary’s babies I delivered.
  3. Lauren Blakely writes the swooniest (yes that’s a word) male characters EVER!

Gah! Ryder is so sweet, kind, and sexy. He’s been hurt in the past and therefore a little guarded. That just added to his appeal. He’s my new BBF!

But what really made this a win for me is overall nature of the story. It’s what I’d label “grown and sexy”. The characters are mature and honest about their feelings. Yes, there are mistakes and misunderstandings, but they remain polished, professional, and self aware. Color me impressed!


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So, to wrap it all up – I FLOVED IT!

It couldn’t get any better. I give it my highest recommendation and Lauren “Knocked” this one out of the park. Read it; you’ll love it.



ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review.


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