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When Hollywood moguls and stars want privacy, they head to an idyllic small town on the coast, where the exclusive Burning Cove Hotel caters to their every need. It’s where reporter Irene Glasson finds herself staring down at a beautiful actress at the bottom of a pool.

Seeking the truth, Irene finds herself drawn to a master of deception. Oliver Ward was once a world-famous magician—until he was mysteriously injured during his last performance. Now the owner of the Burning Cove Hotel, he can’t let scandal threaten his livelihood, even if it means trusting Irene, a woman who seems to have appeared in Los Angeles out of nowhere four months ago.

With Oliver’s help, Irene soon learns that the glamorous paradise of Burning Cove hides dark and dangerous secrets. And that the past—always just out of sight—could drag them both under…



Trade Paperback, 400 pages

Expected publication: May 16th 2017 by Piatkus




I have read books by Amanda Quick for the last 15 years. Some of my most favorite historicals were written by this author. Her books have always been a beacon of hope and love. I never had to worry about not liking her books especially since I loved her female characters. Her heroine’s were usually spunky, sassy and strong willed. And I utterly adored how they had the heroes wrapped around their little fingers.

I truly loved her books!!!

I still have my old paperbacks of Surrender,  Desire,  Reckless,  Seduction,  Rendezvous,   Scandal ,  Deception,  Dangerous,  and my most favorite of all – Ravished!!!!

Unfortunately the last few years her novels don’t captivate me anymore. They feel bland, a repetition of the same formula, and just forgettable.

The Girl Who Knew Too Much by Amanda Quick was not one of her regular historical novels per se, it played in the 1930s in California. But the glamour and seduction of that era was gravely missing.

Amanda Quick  definitely knows how to spin a great tale. The novel had a good amount of mystery and suspense – no wonder when so many people ended up dead. And the author kept me guessing until the very last minute about who did what. With a couple twists and turns the book was the opposite of predictable.

There were quite a few POV’s that made the story a bit more complex but also confusing. At the beginning I had no idea who all those people were, and at the end I could have cared less about them.

But the most crucial problem was the missing CHEMISTRY!!!

Real honest chemistry. Some passion, heat, attraction, PDA, – SOMETHING!!!! 

ANYTHING really would have been fine with me. But no, all I got was a partnership between the main characters. Honestly, all they had going on was partners in pursuing the killer – no romance whatsoever. There was actually no real reason for the couple to be attracted to each other – none at all.

There were no signs of affection or attraction. Both were pretty cool cucumbers if you’d ask me.

I’m not saying I didn’t like the characters, I just didn’t feel convinced that they loved each other, that’s pretty much what it came down to. There was barely any kissing, touching, hugging etc….. I didn’t even need sex, but I needed passion, love, an emotional connection.

They solved the murder and that was that.


I miss her old books 🙁 I really do!!! ARDENTLY!!!!



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