Book Review – The Fix Up by Kendall Ryan

Loved this audiobook!!

It was a wonderfully quick, and fluffy read.

I was listening to the audiobook version, and oh man, the male narrator sounded HOT!!! British accent and all. Jeez!! Loved his voice, and when he started talking filthy I had to make sure nobody overheard, because wow, he sounded even HOTTER!!

The Fix Up was exactly what I needed. An easy, quick and light read.

From the very beginning Sterling Quinn and Camryn Palmer already had a friendship going. Both enjoyed each others company, attraction and all, but thought the other was off limit. It made sense since friendships often don’t last after sexy times.

But suddenly Sterling had the opportunity to receive an inheritance IF he would marry in 6 month. It didn’t stipulate that he had to fall in love or anything like that, just that he would marry someone.

Camryn working in PR, was being hired to find Sterling a suitable wife. Yeah, here we come “the bachelor”. Of course, him being a hot and successful lawyer, great in bed which apparently wasn’t a secret, and seen as a fantastic catch the women stood in line to be interviewed. FUN times.

Meanwhile, Sterling realized that the right woman for him had been in front of his nose all along. The problem was, Camryn wouldn’t care about the idea. She would certainly see it as manipulation, just to get the money and would doubt his feelings.

Soooooo, Sterling decided to keep Camryn close by his side to spent as much time with her as possible. The close proximity while working together would force her to realize that they had already an intense chemistry and deep feelings that just needed to be explored.

Of course they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. But even so they had tons of attraction and chemistry going for themselves, Camryn still was going ahead with finding him the right bride – to Sterlings chagrin.

Now it was his job to make her realize that they had much more than friendship and attraction going on.

I really enjoyed this fast paced piece of writing. There was nothing too dramatic or tragic. It had just the right amount of funny interaction, combined with honest and realistic feelings to made this book a wonderful read.

4 stars




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